Waldent Metal Bracket 50 Kits + Anabond Orthofix Kit (Free)  Combo

Waldent Metal Bracket 50 Kits + Anabond Orthofix Kit (Free) Combo

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Waldent SS Bracket 50 Kits + Orthodontic Adhesive

BUY 50 Waldent Metal Bracket Kit Get 1 Anabond Orthofix Kit (Free)

Waldent Metal Bracket Kit Standard MBT 022 Slot with Hooks at 3 4 5 


Waldent Metal Bracket Kit:

  • Comfort Sized Brackets with low profile
  • Extremely functional and comfortable
  • Hooks on cuspids & bicuspids (345)
  • Anatomically contoured base matches tooth contour for stronger bonding
  • Rounded side of base is bonded towards the gingiva to ensure proper bracket placement
  • Color codings for easy identification

Anabond Orthofix Kit:

  • Optimal Bond Strength.
  • Ideal consistency ensures accurate bracket placement without gliding.
  • Faster curing time


  • 50 x Waldent Bracket Kit

1 x Anabond Orthofix Kit (Free):

  • 2 x 4g -Light Cure Adhesive
  • 2x 3.5mL Light Cure Primer
  • 1x 5g Etchant Gel ( with 2 cannulas)
  • 20 Nos Micro Tip Brushes

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