Vissco Neoprene Collar with 6 Bioflex Magnet

₹620.00 ₹728.00

Vissco Neoprene Collar with 6 Bioflex MagnetKey Specification:Soft Support Ergonomic Fit..


Medicept D Soft Refills

₹2,020.00 ₹2,500.00

 Medicept D Soft RefillsDetails:Medicept Dental’s tissue conditioner material is powder and liquid, which are mixed to produce a cushioning fit surface to dentures. When mixed a viscous yet flowable liquid is produced which is poured into the denture to which it adheres. When placed in the mouth, gelation occurs with the fitting surface adapti..


Medicept Dental Bond Plus Se (7th Generation Adhesive)

₹2,388.00 ₹3,000.00

Bond Plus Se (7th Generation Adhesive)Details:Simplified ultra-efficient bonding system based on proven ethanol/water solvent technologyTotal etch, less technique sensitiveIdeal for wet or dry bondingReduced post-operative sensitivityFiller LoadedReduced micro-leakageReduced film thicknessIncreased bond strengthOne bottle for ultimate simplicity of..


Medicept Dental Impress Putty And Kit

₹645.00 ₹820.00

Impress Putty And KitDetails:High precision dental impression C-silicone, multi purpose, eg. for the onestep and two-step putty-wash techniques, preliminary impression material for corrections of preparations, overimpression of copperband impressions, for anatomical or reline impressions and bite wafers.Color-Safety-System allows visual check of me..


Medicept Dental Xtracem Light Cure Glass Ionomer Restorative Cement

₹1,940.00 ₹2,350.00

Light Cure Glass Ionomer Restorative CementDetails:·         Xtracem-LC is a Radiopaque glass-ionomer light-cured lining and restorative material with high initial strength. The cement can be finished immediately after light curing, which considerably simplifies and accelerates treatment and minimizes moisture sensitivity o..


Rigid Support Ergonomic Fit

₹406.00 ₹471.00

In many walking disorders or conditions of impaired balance, one often needs an elbow crutch. It's kind of like having a shoulder to lean on, all the time, that you can trust blindly. This product in particular increases the base of the support as well as provides a movable insert pulley making it easier to use than other crutches. It is designed t..

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3M ESPE Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive

₹2,610.00 ₹2,780.00

Self-etch BondFEATURES:One-Bottle, one-coat convenience.High bond strength with proven chemistry and filler.Reduces risk of post-operative sensitivity.High marginal integrity and low microleakage.Moisture tolerant - works well on wet or dry enamel and dentin.Desensitizes hypersensitive root surface.Available in unit dose delivery.Uniquely suited to..


3m Espe Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus

₹900.00 ₹1,500.00

Total-etch AdhesiveOffers excellent bond strengths to a variety of surfaces for reliable bonding performanceThe system offers complete dental bonding with dual-cure capabilities when used with Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus Activator and Adper Scotchbond Multi-Purpose Plus CatalystEasy-to-follow technique guides and color-coded, numbered vials..


3m Espe Adper Single Bond 2

₹2,578.00 ₹3,033.00

Total-etch AdhesiveA fast, easy and convenient total-etch, single-component bonding agent offering exceptional bond strength. Available in convenient unit-dose or easy dispensing bottle.Excellent shear bond strength provides exceptional bonding performanceNanofiller is stable and will not settle out of dispersionCap snaps securely shut minimizing e..

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3m Espe Adper Single Bond Universal 3ml With Free 1gm Bulk Fill Composite Syringe

₹2,885.00 ₹3,000.00

Self Etch Bond And Bulkfill CompositeGo beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal Adhesive.Combined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin.Virtually no post-op sensitivity.Flexible dispensing tip can be individually adjusted before app..


3m Espe Adper Single Bond Universal Adhesive

₹2,298.00 ₹4,050.00

Bonding AgentGo beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal AdhesiveCombined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin.Virtually no post-op sensitivity.Flexible dispensing tip can be individually adjusted before application.High bond streng..


3m Espe Alginate Impression Material

₹382.00 ₹430.00

Alginate Impression MaterialThe Alginate Impression Material by 3M ESPE is a chromatic alginate impression material used to make preliminary impressions of the dental arches for the fabrication of indirect prostheses and other purposes. They are manufactured by 3M& trusted technology and deliver reliable impressions. This alginate impression ma..

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3m Espe Aplicap Activator/Applier - Combi Pack

₹8,780.00 ₹12,182.00

Accessory for Capsule ActivationAplicap Capsule Activator and Applier are used for capsule activation before mixing and for application of the ready-mixed capsule contents Indication:For activation and application of Aplicap capsulePACKAGING:1 Aplicap Activator and 1 Aplicap Applier..

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3m Espe Cavit -G Temporary Filling Material

₹558.00 ₹690.00

Temporary Filling MaterialCavit G is a temporary filling material self-curing under humidity for temporary filling of cavities.The final hardness of the three variants decreases in the sequence of listing. Cavit G can be removed in one piece without residue.IndicationsTemporary restorations, especially inlay preparationsTemporary fillingsFilling im..

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3m Espe Clinpro Prophy(Pack Of 25)

₹1,332.00 ₹13,000.00

Polishing PasteSpecially formulated paste to minimise splattering during polishing.Three different grits for the right choice in abrasion management, and available in mint (medium and coarse) or cherry (fine) flavour.Releases fluoride during polishing procedure, to help strengthen teeth and reduce sensitivity (contains sodium fluoride at a concentr..


3m Espe Clinpro Sealant - Refills

₹1,712.00 ₹2,070.00

Pit & Fissure SealantClinpro™ sealant is pink when applied to the tooth surface, and changes to an opaque off white colour when exposed to light. The pink color helps the dental professional with the accuracy and amount of material placed during the sealant procedureLong-lasting protection against caries FEATURES:Colour change technology f..


3m Espe Clinpro Tooth Creme

₹732.00 ₹1,200.00

Clinical ToothpasteThis proprietary formula successfully integrates these components, enhancing, rather than compromising, the product's performance. During the manufacturing process, a protective barrier is created around the calcium allowing it to coexist with the fluoride ions. Think of this as a bubble that transports the Tri-Calcium Phosphate ..

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3m Espe Clinpro Xt Varnish Fluoride Releasing Coating

₹5,020.00 ₹6,560.00

Releases more fluoride than conventional fluoride varnishesPreventing dentinal hypersensitivity can be a daunting task.Clinpro XT Extended Contact Varnish, creates a protective barrier and provides immediate sensitivity relief while offering additional benefits.This exciting new technology also contains and releases fluoride, calcium and phosphate...


3m Espe Elipar Deepcure Led - Curing Light

₹51,785.00 ₹69,970.00

Curing LightDETAILS:For fast, reliable and effective curing, the Eliper™ LED Curing Light offers great value from a company you can trust. Includes one curing light handpiece, charger, 10mm light guide, eye shield and three curing discs.High intensity for fast, complete cure.10mm light guide for one-shot curing.Special optics maintain uniform light..


3m Espe Elipar Deepcure S Led Curing Light

₹77,605.00 ₹116,000.00

Curing Light FEATURES:Virtually unbreakable and sealed against contamination.When you hold the seamless, stainless steel Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light from 3M ESPE, you can feel product excellence at a whole new level. Its one-piece stainless steel casing is virtually unbreakable. And because the casing has no seams or vents where liquid can se..

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