Waldent Sealing Machine

Waldent Sealing Machine

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Sterilization roll Sealing Machine

Sterilization roll Sealing Machine

Sealing machines are used for sealing the sterilization pouches.

High quality stainless steel fashionable body.

With extra blad,easy to replace.

Attractive plastic body

Fashion design,with safety insulation

Easy to replace the blade

External standard surgical knife blade

It consists of medical paper and polypropylene layer,The change of font color indicates the finishing of the sterilizing process. Put the instruments which need sterilized in sealed package and save them for a long time.

The product has different width specifications of 5cm,7cm and 10cm to meet the seal requirements of instruments with different dimensions.


  • High quality stainless steel fashionable body.
  • Have effective heat control and high-quality performance.
  • Fashion design,with safety insulation.
  • Easy to replace the blade.
  • The external standard surgical knife blade.


1 Year Warranty against the manufacturing defect

key specifications :

  • Category: Sterilization
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Disposable/ Reusable: Reusable
  • Model: Sealing Machine
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • Power: 500W
  • Fuse Pipe: F6.3A AC 250V
  • Sealing Width: 250 (max)
  • Press Width: 12mm
  • Net Weight: 5.5kg


  • 1 Unit

directions to use :


  • When the indicator light goes off sealer is ready to use.
    Caution: Operating temperature of the sealing bar is very high, be careful to avoid directly touhing the bar.
  • For optimal sealing temperature, and sealing quality, please select the knob position between setting 3 to 4. Transparent sterilizaton pouches must be placed between the pressure bar and sealing bar with the paper side facing downward. Turn, and keep pressing down the crank with pressure until the pouch is properly sealed.
    Attention: If the pouch/ bag is not pressed firmly enough, the sealing quality may not be acceptable. The crank must be turned and kept in pressure for aboout 4 seconds. Then, slit cut off the pouch/bag and return the crank to its vertical position. The sealing operation of a pouch is complete. With power on, the sealing operation can be continued.

Cutting off pouches/ bags:

  • When the cutter handle is quickely pulled, the cutting blades slits off the pouch. If the cutter handle is pulled to slowly, the sterilization pouch become creased and will not be cut of properly. Pulling tghe cutter back and forth can complete the cut off the pouches/ bags.

Loading rolls of pouches:

  • The roll can be replaced on the rack, the end of the roll can be inserted from behind and between the pressure bar and sealing bar. With the paper side facing down, and making sure that the stripe remains in the guide rail, pull the shape forward untill you have enough length to encapsulate the instruments for sterilization. Then, seal the pouch and cut it off to complete the operation.

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