Waldent Max Piezo 2 Ultrasonic Scaler

Waldent Max Piezo 2 Ultrasonic Scaler

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  • Description

    Waldent introduces MaxPiezo2 Scaler equipped with new generation Intelligent Vibrations Core Technology inside.
    This brings softer yet powerful vibrations and more  comfortable experience for the patients.

     Specially designed Handpiece with engineered plastic material housing effective Ultrasound Transducer. This provides accurate frequency at the tip and dentist has an efficient scaling operation and patient has more comfortable experience.



    • 2 x G1: Used for removal of supragingival calculus and plaque
    • G2: Used for removal of heavy supragingival calculus and plaque
    • G4: Used for removal of supragingival calculus and plaque
    • P1: Used for removal of supragingival & subgingival calculus
    • Automatic Frequency Tracking ensures that the device
      always works on the best frequency
    • The handpiece cable is made from silica gel tube. Soft, Anti-
      Wear and Anti-Aging Cable
    • Handpiece is compatible with EMS tips
    • Ultra-Strong Atomization effect at the tip
    • Waterproof Surface design, easy to clean
    • Precise setting of 10 power levels, with Feather Touch dial
    • The circuit is using Military Level MOS power valve, much
      more reliable
    • Special Medical Grade liquid connector, safe and healthy for
      convenient connection
    • Exquisite dial to select desired frequency
    • Small knob to keep a check on water flow
    Key Specifications


    Water Pressure:0.01MPa~0.5MPa
    Input:AC100-240V 47~63Hz
    Power:  30VA~48VA
    Main unit input:     DC30V1.5A
    Output half-excursion: <2N
    Vibration Frequency of the tip:25-31KHz
    Vibration excursion of the tip: 100pm

    1 Complete set of Ultrasonic Scaler with Free Five Scaler Tips:

    • 2 x G1 Scaler Tip
    • 1 x G2 Scaler Tip
    • 1 x G4 Scaler Tip
    • 1 x P1 Scaler Tip
    • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 Years as applicable on complete product & 2 Years Warranty on PCB (Power Circuit Board)

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