Unident Dental Hanging Motor

₹6,485.00 ₹7,500.00

Dental Hanging MotorDental Hanging Motor M-101Unident Dental Hanging Motor Model-101 Universal, watt-330, RPM-10000, Rating 60 min. Dental Hanging Motor Model-1001Unident Dental Hanging Motor Model-1001 Universal, watt-400, RPM-18000, Rating 60 min. Warranty :Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 1 Year against m..


Unident Imported Clinical Micromotor Complete Set

₹3,200.00 ₹5,200.00

Unident Imported Clinical Micromotor Complete SetFeatures:Extra TorqueForward & ReverseLow Heat GenerationSuitable for Long UseNo Noise & VibrationsHand & Foot OperationSpeed upto 35,000 RPMDescription:Unident Micromotor with Control Box used for hard tissue trimming.It is also used in denture trimming.Polishing of prosthesis.TECHN..


Unident Stainless Steel Autoclave Drum

₹595.00 ₹1,200.00

Unident Stainless Steel Autoclave DrumFeatures:Flawless in concept, design & Finish.Lid Snaps fit on the body.Belt slots and perforations of the body correspond accurately.Custom designed chains for comfortable latching.Description:Stainless Steel Autoclave DrumCOMPOSITION :Made up of Stainless Steel Sheet by deep draw process & confir..


Unident Top Loading Autoclave With Drum 13 Liters

₹5,950.00 ₹8,900.00

Unident Top Loading Autoclave With Drum 13 LitersIt also has a pressure regulating system.Equipped with Heat resistant handles and Steam release / control valve.For assurance of quality each Autoclave is tested to the parameter of successful sterilizationDescription:Unident Top Loading Autoclave with Drum, made out thick hi..

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