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3m Espe Ketac Cem Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

₹2,745.00 ₹3,500.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementRadiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting CementIndications:Permanent cementation of inlays, onlays, crowns andbridges made of metal or porcelain-fused to metal (PFM), all-aluminia or all-zirconia strengthened core ceramic systems (e.g. Lava™ Crowns & Bridges)Permanent cementation of endodontic posts an..


3m Espe Ketac Molar Gi Filling Cement (1+1 Offer)

₹3,280.00 ₹4,000.00

3m Espe Ketac Molar Glass Ionomer CementQuick and easy to use with childrenExcellent mechanical properties for posterior teethBulk-fill convenience.Ketac Molar Quick - for fast setting posterior restorationsAdvantages:• High flexural strength,reduces the risk of restoration fracture.• Adhesion to enamel and dentine. • Long-term fluor..


Ammdent Gi Luting Premium

₹740.00 ₹995.00

For Crown & Bridge luting purpose,Micro fine powder, Ultra thin film concept with excellent strength Type-l Glass ionomer cement Its available in Powder 10 gm.,liquid 6gm.INDICATION:For Crown & Bridge luting purpose,Micro fine powder,Ultra thin film concept with excellent strength Type-l Glass ionomer cementIts available in Powder 10 gm, li..


D-Tech Lute Glass Gic

₹340.00 ₹525.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementGlass Ionomer Luting CementProvides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentine.Releases fluoride.Low post operative sensitivity. PACKAGE CONTENTSPowder : 15gmLiquid : 13gmPACKAGING:Powder : 15gm Liquid : 13gm..


Dmg Tempocem Ne

₹2,145.00 ₹2,200.00

Temporary Luting CementDESCRIPTIONS :TempoCem NE zinc oxide non-eugenol cement is ideal for use in cases where a eugenol temporary cement is not recommended. Because any residue of eugenol may inhibit the polymerization of resin materials, TempoCem NE's non-eugenol formula is perfect for cases in which a resin material or a resin reinforc..


Gc Fuji Plus RM GIC

₹4,315.00 ₹4,750.00

Glass IonomerFeatures:Intrinsic adhesion to tooth structure eliminates complex and moisture sensitive bonding proceduresGood adhesion to metal, resin and silanated porcelainRadiopacity facilitates diagnosisA perfect consistency:Fuji PLUS features finely ground glass fillers which help to create an exceptionally smooth and creamy mix of cement...


GC Gold Label 1 Luting & Lining GIC

₹1,190.00 ₹2,500.00

Gc Gold Label 1 Luting & LiningGlass Ionomer Luting CementNo surface preparation or bonding agent required, yet with exceptional retention characteristicsBiocompatible and with a tooth-like coefficient of thermal expansion maintaining the marginal sealProtection from secondary cariesSufficiently strong for routine luting and lining requirements..


Itena Totalcem (Tr)

₹3,190.00 ₹3,400.00

Itena Totalcem (Tr)Self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin luting cementFor cementation of: crowns bridges posts  inlays & onlaysSelf-adhesive on: enamel, dentine, metal ceramic, porcelain, zirconium composites “Finally, a self-etching/self-bonding cement where you can almost feel the low film thickness and that ..

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Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem Liquid Refill

₹1,345.00 ₹1,414.00

The self-curing glass ionomer cement Vivaglass CEM combines the desirable properties of efficency, ease of use and esthetics.Due to its high translucency, natural-looking results are accomplished swiftly.Advantages :- Accurate dropper mechanism- Easy to dose Easy to use- Fast handling High tranlucency and universal color- Esthetic resultsIndication..


Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem PL Kit & Refills

₹1,340.00 ₹1,532.00

Ivoclar Vivaglass Cem PL Kit & RefillsFeatures : Accurate dropper mechanism - Easy to doseEasy to use - Fast handlingHigh tranlucency and universal color - Esthetic results DescriptionVivaglass CEM is a highly translucent self-curing glass ionomer cementThe self-curing glass ionomer cement Vivaglass CEM combines the desirable properti..


Kerr Nexus Rmgi Kit (Pack of 1)

₹1,595.00 ₹2,300.00

Resin modified Glass Ionomer Luting CementResin-Modified Glass Ionomer Luting CementOnly Kerr Nexus RMGI combines One-Peel cleanup, tack cure capability, and outstanding bond strength for consistent predictable outcomes.As the first RMGI available with advanced Nexus™ Technology, Nexus RMGI provides an optimal gel state and 2–3 second tack cure cap..


Medicept Dental Accucem

₹1,105.00 ₹1,250.00

Dental AccucemDetails:Medicept Dental Accucem is used for temporary cementing of Privisional crowns and bridges. Specially used for patients with known allergy or sensitivre to eugenol.Key Specifications :Hygenic Easy handling Firm retention Two stage curing easy cleanupManufacturer Details:Medicept Dental India Pvt Ltd 501 Bhakti Pa..


Medicept XtraCem LC-GIC ( Glass Lonomer Cement )

₹1,948.00 ₹2,100.00

Xtracem-LC is a Radiopaque glass-ionomer light-cured lining and restorative material with high initial strength. The cement can be finished immediately after light curing, which considerably simplifies and accelerates treatment and minimizes moisture sensitivity of glassionomer cement in the initial setting phase. Chemical adhesion to hard dental t..


Medicept XtraLute Glass Lonomer Luting Cement

₹1,048.00 ₹1,200.00

The latest addition Medicept Dental’s range of cements has been optimized for use in hot and humid climates. The glass component is finely ground and sieved to produce an average particle size of less than 5 microns (<5µm) – this ensures a very low film thickness and excellent results in a host of procedures where cementation is required, espec..


Meta Netc(Non-Eugenol Temporary Cement)

₹914.00 ₹1,296.00

Meta NETC is a Temporary Cement For CrownsFEATURESWorking time of 1.5 minutes after start of mixing.Setting time of 4 minutes after start of mixing.Especially suitable for use on patients with sensitvity to engenol. DIRECTONS OF USEDispense two equal length of base and catalyst paste on mixing pad.Close the tube immediately afte..


Prevest Calcigel Economy Pack

₹515.00 ₹910.00

calcium hydorxide pastePremixed water based radiopaque calcium hydorxide paste with barium sulphate for direct pulp capping.ADVANTAGES:-Reduces hypersenstivity of dentine.Radiopacity for checking treatment.High pH (pH 12) helps neutralize free acids of obturating cements and restorative materials.Syringe for direct application.45% calcium hydroxide..


Prevest Fusion I -Seal

₹440.00 ₹1,280.00

Prevest Fusion I -SealLight Cure Glass Ionomer Cement .Fusion I-Seal is a light glass ionomer cement for extended fissure sealing and extended lesions.ADVANTAGES:-Ready to use component light cured glass ionomer cementFast and easy to applyRadiopaqueFluoride releaseINDICATION:-Restoration of smaller lesionsLining under all kinds of filling material..


Prevest Fusion Self Lute

₹1,590.00 ₹1,800.00

Prevest Fusion Self LuteSelf Curing / Chemical curing resin based composite adhesive luting cement Intro Pack-Auto Mix. Self Curing / Chemical curing resin based composite adhesive luting cement Intro Pack-Auto Mix. Composition :Base Paste : Bisphenol A Glycidyl Methacrylate, Ethoxlated Bisphenol A Dimethacrylate, Triethyle..


Pyrax Glass Ionomer Cement GIC Type 2

₹442.00 ₹1,000.00

Glass Ionomer Cement GIC Type 2It provides permanent restoration of class III, class V and small class fillings.It allows restoration of deciduous teeth( especially class I).Used in primary teeth fillings/ fissure sealing, filling of cervical erosions.It is also used in fillings prior to crown preparations.Features :GIC II has radiopaque glass powd..


Shofu Glasionomer Cement Cx-Plus Capsule

₹6,692.00 ₹8,640.00

 A radio-opaque glass ionomer luting material is now available in capsules for a simple, fast and predictable applicationAn enhanced glass ionomer luting cement with prolonged working time FEATURESHigh bond strength to both metal and tooth structure Working time of 3 minutes 10 seconds and snap-set reaction of 1 minute (after placeme..

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