Perio Splints


Ammdent Infibra Fiber Splint

₹1,640.00 ₹3,352.00

Ammdent Infibra Fiber SplintDescriptionAmmdent Infibra Fiber Splint  is made of long longitudinal white and high crystallized polyethylene fiber, That give high mechanical characteristics, ideal for dental use. The special interlacing enables a net cut and the complete padding with all flowable resin composites Unfilled and acrylic resin...


Medicept Dental Medi-Pak Retraction Cords

₹990.00 ₹1,100.00

DentalMedi-Pak Retraction CordsDetails:Medi-Pak is manufactured of 100% cotton and knitted into thousands of tiny loops that form interlocking chains. these loops allow the cord to hold and carry significantly more hemostatic agent to the tooth preparation. The knitted design exerts a gentle continuous force on the sulcular tissue, providing excell..


Nineten Dental - NT Stick On

₹1,200.00 ₹2,500.00

Dental - NT Stick On DescriptionNEW PRODUCT LAUNCH**NT STICK ONIt's a Non Impregnated Fiber Splint Material.Indications :* Periodontal Stabilization of loose and mobile teeth* Rigid Splinting of mobile teeth post traumatic injury* Fixed Retention post Orthodontic treatmentPackaging1 Pkt - 15 cm Direction to UseStep 1: Draw the right quant..

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