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We offer specialized range at best price and personal support through our  CEO Brajesh Mishra with 23 years of journey in Indian orthodontics - had been associated with  American Orthodontics-since 1997, OrthoTechnology-since 2007, OrthoClassic USA since-2010. 


Denext Flux

₹448.00 ₹630.00

FluxDenext Flux:-Flux for cleaning away oxidizing agents.Creamy smooth formula flows easily into joints.Add distilled water to reconstitute.Packaging:40 Gm...


Denext Spot Welder

₹5,995.00 ₹8,400.00

Spot WelderDenext Spot Welder:-Mini Low and High welding temperature setting.All switches on front panel for easy operation.Perfectly matching electrodes in 2 different shapes.Packaging: 1 Pcs...


3m Unitek Transbond Plus Self Etching Primer

₹3,194.00 ₹5,000.00

3m Unitek Transbond Plus Self Etching PrimerBenefitsAn easy one-step system that creates an expanded placement window, giving you additional time for more precise positioningA shorter treatment window that saves you valuable time and builds greater productivity for your practiceAn easy mixing and application process with the Transbond Easy Roller t..


Api Model FormerApi Model Former

₹4,500.00 ₹6,000.00

API Model FormerPackaging:1 Pair of Upper & Lower Jaws..


API Orthodontic Instruments Kit

₹5,655.00 ₹11,600.00

Orthodontic KitAPI Ortho Instruments KitPACKAGING:Set Of 10 Instruments 1 x Bracket Height Gauge (Boone's Gauge)1 x Ligature Director Scaler (12-17)1 x Ligature Director Scaler (99-285)1 x Band Pusher1 x Separating Pliers for separators1 x Band Seater1 x Band Setter1 x Dental Bracket Placing Tweezer1 x Orthodontic..


Bausch Occlusion Book (Made Easy) By Gerard Duminil 1/Pk - Bk 4711

₹8,495.00 ₹8,600.00

Orthodontic BookOcclusion Made Easy Book By Gerard DuminilPackaging:1 Book..


Capri Contrastors Set 3/Pk

₹640.00 ₹750.00

ContrastorsDescriptions:Capri Contrastors Set 3/pk  INDICATION - For intra-oral photography.During Implant and Orthodontic treatments.  Key SpecificationsAutoclavable:Occlusal Anterior - 3 in1 Buccal / Lingual Dental Contractor Improve the aesthetics of your pictures with a solid black background and help better show off th..


Capri Denture & Retainer Boxes 10/Pk

₹380.00 ₹200.00

Capri Denture & Retainer Boxes 10/PkDescriptions: Capri Denture & Retainer Boxes High Quality Hygienic denture container useful for dispensing full /  partial denture to patients. Its unique design is provided with lockable lid  to keep foreign particles away while they are immersed in water night hours.PACKAGING:10 Piece per..


Capri Double Sided Stainless Steel Photographic Mirror - Adult 1/pk

₹375.00 ₹1,000.00

Capri Double Sided Stainless Steel Photographic Mirror - Adult 1/pkDescriptions:Double-Sided Stainless Steel Photographic Mirror - Adult 1/pk. This highly polished stainless steel surface will not chip, crack or peel. The mirror has polished, rounded edges for patient comfort.  INDICATION : Ideal for use for Intraoral photograph..


Capri Kleen Interdental Brush 2/Pk

₹50.00 ₹65.00

Interdental BrushDescriptions:Kleen BetweensInterdental BrushesRecommended by Dentists to clean between tight teeth, braces & bridgesHangly to use, anywhere on-the-go.Alternative to flossingANTIBACTERIAL BRISTLE PROTECTION1 Gently move the brush back & forward to remove plaque & food particles.Packaging:2 Piece per pack..


Capri Photographic Plastic Mirrors

₹185.00 ₹200.00

Photographic MirrorIdeal for use for intra-oral photography during implants and orthodontic treatments.Packaging:Capri Single Sided Intra Oral Plastic Mirrors 3/pk:1 x Occlusal1 x Buccal1 x LingualCapri Single Sided Plastic Photographic Mirror - Adult 1/pk:1 Piece (Occlusal). ..


Ceph Tracing Sheets

₹765.00 ₹850.00

Tracing SheetsEstablished in 1993 as a " family business " with humble beginnings, today we are engaged in developing, innovating, sourcing, compiling, distributing and selling premium quality orthodontic products to professionals across India.Our diaspora of clients include, acclaimed hospitals and dental institutes, senior academicians, orthodont..


Dental Orthodontic Jaw Model

₹1,815.00 ₹2,500.00

Orthodontic Jaw Model:Demo traction of teeth crowding with metal bracketsIncludes teeth hopp for correcting the malocclusionA great help for dentist studying and doing research on orthodontic treatmentA complete demo of separators, ligature ties, buckle tubes, bands ect.Dental Teeth Implant Model:Model with Bone and CariesIdeal for implant treatmen..


Dentsply Zelgan Plus Alginate 1kg Pack

₹715.00 ₹952.00

Dust Free Alginate Impression MaterialDental impressions for the fabrication of• Studymodels• Models of the opposing dentition• Working models for manufacturing of orthodontic appliances, removable    prosthesis, and temporary restorationsPACKAGING:1kg pack..


Dentsply Zelgan Plus Alginate 450gm

₹340.00 ₹400.00



Essentials Of Orthodontic Biomechanics Book By Dr. V. P. Jayade

₹1,495.00 ₹1,600.00

Orthodontic Biomechanics BookEssentials of Orthodontic Biomechanics by Dr. V. P. Jayade. Not included in any schemes/offers. INR 100/- P & F ChargePackaging:1 Book..


G&H Focus Mbt 022 Bracket Kit

₹1,442.00 ₹1,748.00

G&H FOCUS MBT 022 BRACKET 1 KITpackaging:01 kit of 20..



₹770.00 ₹1,000.00

Mixing PadsGC Mixing Pads are designed to be used in the mixing and kneading of dental material such as impression material, cement, or resin-based (composite).FEATURES:Designed for materials to easily be mixed and kneadedKey Specifications:   Makes mixing and kneading easierManufacturer Details :GC India Dental Pvt Ltd Plot No 233 P..


Gc Mixing Pad

₹92.00 ₹100.00

Mixing PadsGC Mixing Pads are designed to be used in the mixing and kneading of dental material such as impression material, cement, or resin-based (composite).  ..


Gdc Band Pinching # Left Plier (3000/5)

₹3,148.00 ₹6,000.00

Gdc Band Pinching # Left Plier (3000/5)..

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