Surface Cleaner- Disinfectants

Surface Cleaner Disinfectants - For cleaning Dental Chair, tray, clinic furniture etc.

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Anabond-Stedman Germafin - Surface Disinfactant

₹320.00 ₹330.00

Anabond-Stedman Germafin : Surface DisinfectantEffective against Bacteria, Fungi and VirusesImmediate as well as Persistent Anti-Microbial ActivityConvenient Spray DispenserAldehyde-freePleasant fragranceIdeal for disinfection of CountertopsDental ChairsOperating TablesEmergency Trolleys, etcFor Rapid Surface Disinfection2-Propanol 70% v/..

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Anabond-Stedman Germafin Neo - Surface Disinfactant

₹470.00 ₹530.00

Anabond-Stedman Germafin Neo : Surface DisinfectantFor Rapid Surface Disinfection2-Propanol 70% v/v + Benzalkonium Chloride 0.5% w/v. It is used to disinfect equipment surface in pharmaceuticals.Ideal for disinfection ofCountertopsDental ChairsOperating TablesEmergency Trolleys, etc.Ideal for disinfection of CountertopsDental ChairsOperat..

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BODE (Sterillium) Bacillol 25 Surface & Equipment Disinfectant

₹290.00 ₹500.00

Bacillol 25:Recommended for Rapid disinfection of electronic equipment in OTs, AKD units, ICU, NICU, Recovery room, Medical laboratories, etc. Excellent in critical areas like OTs, HIV endangered spheres surgeries. Pharmaceutical sterile sections. Effective against bacteria, fungi, viruses including HIV & Rota. Provided with spraying device per..

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Durr Dental ID 213 - Instrument disinfectant

₹5,840.00 ₹7,200.00

Durr Dental ID 213Concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of general and surgical instrument sets as well as alkali-sensitive and alcohol-sensitive rotary instrument sets in hospitals, private practices and laboratories.FEATURES:Bactericidal incl. tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidalExceptional cleaning action – removes stubborn dirtEspeciall..

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Durr Dental Id 220 - Bur disinfectant

₹1,957.00 ₹2,138.00

Durr Dental Id 220Convenient and effective bur disinfectant to prevent cross contaminations between patientsFEATURESBactericidal incl. tuberculocidal, fungicidal, virucidalHigh cleaning power, especially fine structures of drills and milling bitsHigh corrosion protection and long service life of 7 daysShort reaction time: 30 seconds in ultrasonic b..

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Durr Dental MD 555 - Special Cleaner for Suction Unit

₹3,990.00 ₹4,573.00

Durr Dental Md 555 FEATURESDecalker – dissolves incrustations of lime and powder spray agentsIntensive cleaning effect against deposits and sludgeTested material quality – recommended by leading unit manufacturersIdeal in combination with Orotol® plus.Packaging:1 pack of 2.5 ltr..

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Durr Dental Orocup

₹4,400.00 ₹6,023.00

Durr Dental OrocupUser-friendly, closed care system for the disinfection and cleaning of suction units and amalgam separators.Enclosed care system for sucking through the working solutions of Orotol Ultra, Orotol Plus or MD555 OrotolUp to 2L of working solution, make up - shake - ready for suctionConnection adaptor for all suction hosesMade of poly..

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Septodont Surfasept S.A. Disinfectant

₹750.00 ₹900.00

Septodont Surfasept S.A. Surface Disinfectant LiquidCleaning and disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery.FEATURES & BENEFITSAldehyde-free solution for cleaning & disinfection of surfaces in the dental surgery.Bactericidal: NF EN 1040 and T 72-190 standards.Fungicidal: active on Candida albicans (NF EN 1275 standard).Packaging01 ..

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