Pmt Set


Api Gold Mouth Mirror Tops Pack Of 12

₹1,010.00 ₹1,680.00

Descriptions :Api gold Mouth Mirror Tops (Normal) (Set of 12)PackagingPack of 12..


Disposable PMT Set

₹55.00 ₹100.00

Disposable PMT SetDescriptions: The Dental kits are pre sterile by EO and ready to use with ABS material quality. The instruments in the kit include the instruments necessary for a routine dental examination of patients, polishing and surgery.Safety and convenience in one kit.-Ready-to-use. Minimize tray set-up time.Hygienic. Single-use; elimi..


Gdc Pmt Set Of 3 Instruments Kit #4 (Pmtp4)

₹1,320.00 ₹1,896.00

Gdc Pmt Set Of 3 Instruments Kit #4 (Pmtp4) Contains1 Probe1 Mirror1 TweezerMade of high quality GermanStainless Steel  (Premium).Packaging:PMT Set Standard1 x Single End Probe #1 (EXS6XL)1 x London College# Premium (DPU17)1 x Mirror Handle # 3 (MH3)1 x Mouth Mirror TOP Plain No. 5..


GDC PMT Set Of 3 Instruments Kit (Pmtwc4)

₹3,320.00 ₹4,752.00


Indian Probe + Mouth Mirror + Tweezer


PROBE+MOUTH MIRROR+TWEEZERIndian PMT set consists of :-Mouth MirrorProbeTweezerMouth mirror:-Concave mirrors used by dentists because at a short range (object distances less than the focal length) they produce magnified, upright images. It is useful to have a magnified image of a tooth when you're looking for or repairing cavities, cracks, or other..


VeeCare Instrume PMT Set

₹1,490.00 ₹1,800.00

Premium Quality with Large diameter light weight handle for comfortable grip.ExplorerMirror Handle with Mirror TopTweezer..


VeeCare Instrume PMT Set

₹590.00 ₹600.00

Premium Quality with light weight handles.ExplorerTweezerMirror handle with Antifog mirror top..


VeeCare Instrume PMT Set

₹370.00 ₹425.00



Waldent Wal-Diagnostic Pmt Set Instrument Kit (Double Ended)

₹877.00 ₹1,600.00

Probe Mouth Mirror Tweezer SetWaldent Dental Instruments excel in highest quality standards. They are manufactured from selective stainless steel by skilled workers with modern machines, keeping control on production and quality at every step to guarantee a supply of Instruments with utmost precision.Rostfrei stainless steel is German quality ..

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