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3m Espe Alginate Impression Material

₹382.00 ₹430.00

Alginate Impression MaterialThe Alginate Impression Material by 3M ESPE is a chromatic alginate impression material used to make preliminary impressions of the dental arches for the fabrication of indirect prostheses and other purposes. They are manufactured by 3M& trusted technology and deliver reliable impressions. This alginate impression ma..

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3m Espe Aplicap Activator/Applier - Combi Pack

₹8,780.00 ₹12,182.00

Accessory for Capsule ActivationAplicap Capsule Activator and Applier are used for capsule activation before mixing and for application of the ready-mixed capsule contents Indication:For activation and application of Aplicap capsulePACKAGING:1 Aplicap Activator and 1 Aplicap Applier..


3m Espe Clinpro Tooth Creme

₹850.00 ₹1,200.00

Clinical ToothpasteThis proprietary formula successfully integrates these components, enhancing, rather than compromising, the product's performance. During the manufacturing process, a protective barrier is created around the calcium allowing it to coexist with the fluoride ions. Think of this as a bubble that transports the Tri-Calcium Phosphate ..

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3m Espe Ketac Fil Plus Glass Ionomer Filling Material

₹1,140.00 ₹1,485.00

Glass Ionomer RestorativeLasting protection against cariesReduces the risk of secondary caries due to fluoride release.After treatment with 3M™ ESPE™ Vitremer™ Core Build-Up / Restorative and 3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ Fil Plus Glass Ionomer Filling Material, patients with a high risk of caries had significantly less secondary caries around the mar..


3m Espe Mixing Tips (Blue) Pack Of 8

₹3,272.00 ₹3,636.00

Mixing Tips(1:10)3M ESPE Mixing Tips allows for easy and automatic mixing of Protemp Plus temporization material using the Garant dispenser.It is Blue in colour.FEATURES:Allows easy, automatic mixing of Protemp Plus temporization material using the Garant dispenser.Quick intraoral set.Smooth, glossy surface requires no polishing or glaze.Sophistica..


3m Espe New Penta Mixing Tips - Small

₹14,250.00 ₹1,525.00

Mixing TipUnique design reduces dispensing forces by up to 50 percent over previous mixing tip to facilitate easier extrusion of impression materialsSaves counter space with the smallest footprint on the marketEasy handling with push-button control on both sidesHomogeneous mixing for void-free impressionsLess waste--dispenses only amount of materia..


Aekling Rubber Hot Water Bottle

₹162.00 ₹475.00

Aekling Rubber Hot Water Bottle..


Ammdent Cal Excel

₹645.00 ₹895.00

Ammdent Cal Excel: Water soluble radiopaque , Calcium Hydroxide paste in tube for temporary dressing and extensive use in endodontics.Packaging:2 x 2g tubes with applicator needles..


Angelus Syringe Sleeve

₹1,350.00 ₹1,512.00

Coverage For SyringeFEATURES:Facilitates the Dentists work during Anaesthetics applicationsIt may be given to the patient as a nice giftAutoclavable: guarantee of BiosafetyMOUTH OPENING: Allows the insertion of needle with its capUse of conventional and extra-short needles / can be used with extra-short needlesINSIDE LEAD: straight passage of needl..


Api Alginate Spatula

₹42.00 ₹100.00

API Alginate Spatulapackaging:1 Unit..


Api Articulator For Typhodont Jaw

₹1,275.00 ₹1,600.00

Jaw SetAPI Articulator For Typhodont JawPACKAGING:1 Unit..


Api Articulator Hinge

₹70.00 ₹90.00

API Articulator Hinge..


Api Articulator Ultra P2

₹13,595.00 ₹17,000.00

API Articulator Ultra P2Packaging:1 UnitFeatures:Articulator tilt 45 degreesBennett angle 15 degreesProtrusive angle 30 degreesUpper part can be removed easilyMagnetic Upper & Lower partCentric LockMounting plates with both screw and magnetic cast can be mounted with both screw and magnetic.Easy to care & maintenance..


Api Dappen Dish/Cup

₹88.00 ₹150.00

Dappen DishAPI Dappen dish/cup made up of silicone/rubberADVANTAGES:Stick on table cupWARRANTY:This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warrantyPACKAGING:1 unit..


Api Glass Beads Sterilizer

₹1,500.00 ₹1,700.00

API Glass Beads Sterilizer.KEY SPECIFICATIONS: High quality Precise..


API Glass Beads Sterilizer - Digital

₹2,180.00 ₹2,550.00

API Glass Beads Sterilizer - DigitalThe Glass bead sterilizer is a sterilizer for endodontic equipment where the heat is transmitted to the instruments, absorbent points, or cotton pellets by means of glass beads. Glass Bead Sterilizer supplied by us is available in a portable size and has high levels of efficiency in sterilization. It is being use..


Api Model FormerApi Model Former

₹4,500.00 ₹6,000.00

API Model FormerPackaging:1 Pair of Upper & Lower Jaws..


Api Shell Former

₹1,915.00 ₹2,400.00

Shell FormerAPI Shell FormerFEATURES:AutoclavableWARRANTY:This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warrantyPackaging:1 Unit..


Bien Air Protective Sterile Film For Ipad

₹4,530.00 ₹4,800.00

10 Sterile sheets to protect the IPAD of the iChiropro implant equipment from Bien Air...


Bien Air Sterilizable Handpiece/Motor Holder

₹3,085.00 ₹3,240.00

Sterilizable Handpiece/Motor HolderBien Air motor holder for instruments and micromotorsWarranty:This product does not carry any manufacturer/importer warranty..

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