Dental Laser


Biolase Epic-X Soft Tissue Laser

₹386,900.00 ₹395,000.00

Dental Diode LaserEpic Laser dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. For highly accurate exceptionally dental experiences, Epic uses a unique technology that combines focused light and thermal energy. Epic enables the dentist to perform a wide variety of advantageous proceduresFeatures:940nm superior diode wavelength for fast..


Biolase Laser White20 Whitening Gel

₹5,775.00 ₹6,800.00

The BIOLASE Laser White20 whitening gel is a patented dental whitening solution that works in combination with the Epicx 940 nm laser system. The laser activates the LaserWhite20TM whitening gel via a specialized hand piece and delivery system. The whitening gel was created using chromophore technology and is compatible with Biolase diode laser sys..


IMDSL Dental Diode Laser , 7W / 980NM

₹229,900.00 ₹265,000.00

Dental Diode LaserDescription:980 nm wavelength. The latest wavelength in diode which has 8-10 times higher absorption in oral tissues when compare to similar wavelengths (808, 810, 940, etc.) thus providing more efficient cutting.High frequency –It has a diode that provides maximum output power as 10khz. So no worries and no limitation to any soft..

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