Philips Zoom Dash In Office Teeth Whitening

Philips Zoom Dash In Office Teeth Whitening

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In office teeth Whitening Kit (30% Hydrogen Peroxide with ACP Relief Gel )

In office teeth Whitening Kit (30% Hydrogen Peroxide with ACP Relief Gel )

  • Dash was developed with the clinician in mind and includes:
  • Easy-to-follow directions. The step by step pictures on the inside of the lid make isolation and application clear, quick and easy.
  • Sensitivity management. We've included a syringe of Relief ACP, that combines chemical sensitivity relief (KNO3) and long-term relief of ACP and fluoride.
  • The Dash Chairside Whitening System is unique in both technique and formulation.


  • No more hunting around the office for the 5-7 required isolation materials.

    A unique 30% hydrogen peroxide whitening gel.

    This gel requires no syringe-to-syringe mixing or refrigeration, and delivers superior ease of use and stability.

    Everything you need in one, all- inclusive kit.

    Key Specifications:

    Product is intended only for in-office use by trained dental professional for use in whitening discolored natural teeth.

    Storage Instructions

    Store kit at 15ºC-25ºC (59ºF – 77ºF).

    Storage temperature above 25ºC (77ºF) will result in reduced shelf life.

    Directions To Use :

    Treat for Sensitivity

    • It is recommended to prescribe the following prior to the procedure:
    • 5000 ppm Fluoridex Daily Defense® Sensitivity Relief with 5% KNO3. Instruct use of 2x/day, 14 days prior
    • 600mg of Ibuprofen 1 hour prior 
    • Trays with Relief® ACP 10-30 minutes prior for extra sensitive patients 

    (Step 2) Preparation

    Clean Teeth

    • Pumice just prior to whitening.

    Surgical Suction Tip

    • Place surgical suction tip on high vacuum suction.


    • Lubricate the lips and place cheek retractor and bite block into the patient’s mouth. The retractor provided is a universal size and will fit the majority of patients.

    Take Shade 

    • Prior to beginning, shade match teeth with value-ordered VITA® Classical Shade Guide.™* B1 A1 B2 D2 A2 C1 C2 D4 A3 D3 B3 A3.5 B4 C3 A4 C4 8.2.5

    Protective Eyewear

    • Fully recline patient. Place protective eyewear.

    (Step 3) Isolation

     Cotton Rolls

    •  Place cotton rolls in center of upper and lower vestibules. If cotton rolls are too large, unfold gauze and twist like a cotton roll.


    • Place apex of triangle into posterior cheek, tuck balance of material into cheek, tucking ends between cotton rolls and retractor.

     Face Bib 

    • Carefully place face bib around retractor, one side at a time. Tuck face bib under inside corners of lower lip so lip is not visible. 

    Liquidam Dental Dam

    •  Exposed dentin and tissue should be covered by barrier material. Use rule “no pink”. Remove Liquidam syringe, twist to remove cap and attach metal tip. Dry soft tissue and begin by scalloping barrier material to CEJ area (gingival margins) on upper teeth slightly overlapping enamel and interproximal spaces to form enamel seal. Cure application of Liquidam using curing light, e.g. FLASHlite Magna™. Liquidam is a resin blend that can become warm upon curing. Therefore, use sweeping motion, moving light back and forth across arch for about 10 seconds. Change to plastic tip. Fill in from cotton roll to just formed line of Liquidam and cure. Be sure to cover all interproximal areas leaving no soft tissue exposed. On lower arch apply Liquidam, using same method. Use tip of syringe to press lightly on application to ensure it is completely cured. Material should be solid and have no give. If necessary, cure arch again for additional 5 seconds. Application should extend distal at least one tooth beyond area receiving whitening gel and be about 2mm thick.

    (Step 4) Procedure

    Whitening Accelerator Swabs

    • With one hand pinch tube firmly at line until compressed. With other hand hold applicator handle at base and bend downward until seal is broken. Gently twist until handle is detached from tube. Use swab to apply to teeth before each cycle.

    Dash Whitening Gel 

    • Remove cap of room temperature Dash Whitening Gel syringe and attach flocked tip and secure with a clockwise turn until firmly in place. Apply gel to the facial side of teeth (1-2 mm thick), using flocked tip. Curve the flocked tip to provide better access to teeth. Use caution not to disturb barrier material. Gingival irritation can occur with prolonged exposure to HP gel. Leave gel on teeth for 15 minutes. 

    Whitening Cycles

    • Each cycle is 15 minutes for a total of three cycles. During each 15 minute cycle make sure patient has means of communication, e.g. a bell, or do not leave the patient unattended. After each cycle carefully remove gel with surgical suction tip and/or wipe surface of enamel clean with gauze. Do not irrigate as force of water may pull dam loose and saturate isolation materials. Check isolation materials to ensure “no pink” tissue is visible. Replace or add isolation if needed.

    Tip: If patient notes tooth sensitivity, place Relief ACP on lingual surface(s) for remaining cycles. After last cycle is complete, carefully remove gel with surgical suction tip and/or wipe surface of enamel clean with gauze. Moisten gauze and cotton rolls, and remove isolation materials. If barrier material remains interproximally, remove with floss.


     Take Shade 

    Measure shade change by counting shade shift according to value-ordered shade guide.


    Relief ACP has been shown to decrease sensitivity and remineralize teeth. If patients experience sensitivity, place into take-home trays and seat on patient. Normal wear time is 10-30 minutes. If tray is not available, brush product onto teeth. Instruct patient not to spit for approximately 3 minutes. Remove Relief ACP gel with surgical suction. For best results, do not drink or eat for 30 minutes after application. 

    Maximizing Results

    Advise patient not to consume coffee, tea, red wine, and tobacco for 2 hours after Dash, until pellicle reforms


     (Step 1) Pre-Procedure

    Diagnose Patient

    • Diagnose based on dental history, oral health and sensitivity issues .
    • Set patient expectations accordingly . 


    • 1 x 2.4 ml Relief® ACP Oral Care Gel syringe with tip (2 dual arch applications)
    • 2 x Whitening accelerator swabs
    • 1 x Cheek retractor & bite block
    • 1 x Suction tip
    • 1 x Face bib
    • 2 x Cotton rolls
    • 1 x Pack of gauze
    • 1 x Dentist's directions for use.
    • 1 x 2.9 g procedure gel syringe with 2 flocked tips (3 dual arch applications)
    • 1 x 2.9 g Liquidam barrier syringe with 2 tips (3 dual arch applications)

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