32Watts - Clear Orthodontic Aligners -  Smile Treatment Plan & Scan of Invisible braces

32Watts - Clear Orthodontic Aligners - Smile Treatment Plan & Scan of Invisible braces

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32WATTS Clear Orthodontic Aligners:  

India's Best Aligner in Quality and Technology, provide most promising orthodontic treatment as used by Top Institutions like AIIMS, CLOVE Dental, AXISS Dental Clinic chains, etc. 

If you are seeking for aligner treatment in India, then you could choose among various aligner providers and dentist/orthodontists. But to get the best treatment you must compare at least 3-4 service providers. 32 Watts Clear Aligners by Render Wise Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the most emerging aligner manufacturer and consultant in India. At 32Watts, we assure to provide best quality aligner at a very affordable price.

32Watts is one of the best aligners in India, it has been adopted and accredited by Clove Dental clinics, Axiss Dental, AIIMS and many more top dental institutions for their orthodontic Aligner cases  for last 4 years. It has successfully treated thousands of mild, moderate and typical orthodontic cases with its state of art 3D scanning, professional planning and 3D-printing technology and wide range of attachments developed by our team of orthodontists. Highest quality German clear tray material is used for getting faster results with better aesthetics and patient safety.

The popularity of Aligner has emerged in the past two decades, as it is invisible and more comfortable than metal braces. Aligners are made up of BPA free polyurethane plastic approved by the medical department, which means it is entirely safe to have them in your mouth.

It can treat:

  • Crowding of teeth
  • Deep bite conditions
  • Open bite conditions
  • Spacing in between teeth
  • Some Cosmetic Requirements

Why choose 32WATTS Aligners?

  • Consult with highly experienced Orthodontists and specialists
  • Our Orthodontist will provide you with the best possibilities in your case as per your needs.
  • Use of latest 3D intra-oral scanner. (A-Silicone rubber based impression can be used for out station patients)
  • Planning of treatment by an experienced team of Orthodontists.
  • You will get the starter kit within five days.
  • Start your smile journey with 32watts Aligners. Normal 15 days per tray protocol is adopted.
  • Achieve your goal within the determined duration - normal crowding case - 12 months average time*.

How to Book 32WATTS Aligner's Plan:

Dear Dentist,

Pls. send your case and get quote. Then Book scan online or on phone or send impression and teeth model with Patient Prescription Form(PPF) and Booking fee for uploading treatment plan on portal. Digi-Link with password will be given to you. After your approval and full plan payment, kit of 32watts Aligner in sets or full will be shipped in 5-7 days.

Dear Patient,

If you wish to get 32Watts Aligner treatment, Call us and send your below mentioned details. Also give reference of your dentist or we may arrange our panel orthodontist for your treatment support locally for checkup, impression or scan, attachment transferring on teeth, aligner wearing training, Interproximal stripping, tooth extraction etc, as per your case requirement. That fees will be separately charged through us or directly by dentist. 

32Watts Orthodontic  Expert will contact you for further discussions of treatment plan  on phone and personally too.

For a Quote, Pls. Share following patient details on Mail / Whats app on Mb.9810283698, info.dentalbasket@gmail.com

1.   Patient's Intra Oral Pics from front n sides

2.  Patient's chief complaint

3.  patient's Profile picture

4. Name, Age, gender of patient 

PRICE Details for Aligners:

1.  Booking fees for Scan/ Treatment Plan: Rs. 2000/- [now online offer 1800/-]

for Activation, 3D Scanning in your clinic in NCR* and Treatment Planning available on online portal.

2.  Starter kit free with aligner sets

3.  Estimated Treatment costs for Patients for10 trays on wards,  start from around 30,000/- on wards as per patient's treatment category and plan suggested by our team of orthodontists.

For Mild Cases:

AWS -Single Arch / Jaw - 10 trays :  Rs. 30,000

AWD- Double Arch - Upper/Lower - 10 trays each:  Rs. 42,000

For Moderate Cases:  most used category:

AWS -Single Arch/ Jaw -20 trays :  Rs. 40,000

AWD- Double Arch - Upper/Lower - 20 trays each:  Rs. 55,000

For Complex Cases: 

AWD- Double Arch - Upper/Lower - 25+ trays each:  Rs. 75,000

AWD- Double Arch - Upper/Lower - 40+ trays each:  Rs. 99,000 

*Treatment Planning and Orthodontist Charges may vary as per case to case extra

*Please Call for special offers. Call for details of plan etc. at Mb. 9810283698, 9313922999, 011-42015580

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