Ortho Organizers Silicone Wax

Ortho Organizers Silicone Wax

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Ortho Organizers Silicone Wax 

Ortho Organizers Silicone Wax is great for those times when you want to hide or obscure your braces. Soft and pliable, it is slightly more opaque with yellow undertones than regular dental wax to match the natural color of most teeth. While it won't completely hide your braces, it will make them a lot less noticeable Some dentists call this type of wax "pontic wax" and use it to fill spaces in clear retainers where teeth are missing.

This wax is unscented and unflavored. There are 50 containers of tooth-colored dental wax per bulk box. Please note that dental wax is not returnable due to health regulations.


We've had a lot of requests for this type of product over the years! There are times when people just want to hide their braces. While this product won't totally hide them, it does help to obscure the shiny metal mouth that some people feel embarrassed to show.


  • Each box contains 50 containers of tooth-colored dental wax.

  • The wax is opaque and unscented/unflavored.

  • Remember to remove the wax before you brush your teeth.

  • Non-toxic if swallowed.


Each box contains 50 containers of tooth-colored dental wax.

1 Pkt Wax/4 sticks

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