Ivoclar Vivadent


Ivoclar Apexit Plus / Apexcal Promo Pack

₹4,490.00 ₹6,342.00

Ivoclar  Apexit Plus / Apexcal Promo PackApexit Plus is a radiopaque, non-shrinking root canal sealer paste that is based on calcium hydroxide. It is used for the permanent obturation of root canals and it is suitable for use in conjunction with all obturation techniques involving gutta-percha.Key Specifications :  Radiopaque, non-sh..


Ivoclar Optrapol Next Generation - Kit & Refills

₹4,080.00 ₹4,150.00

Ivoclar  Optrapol Next Generation - Kit & RefillsDetails:OptraPol “Next Generation” is excellently suitable for finishing and polishing all popular composite restorations in a single step. The effective silicone polishers are highly filled with micro-fine diamond crystallites - up to 72 wt.%. Consequently, the results of the excellent poli..


Ivoclar 10+2 Offer On Te-Econom Plus Syringe

₹5,990.00 ₹8,500.00

Ivoclar 10+2 Offer On Te-Econom Plus SyringeChoose from Product 1Te-Econom Plus Syringe Shade A1*Ivoclar Te-Econom Plus Universal Shade A1Choose from Product 2Te-Econom Plus Syringe Shade A2*Ivoclar Te-Econom Plus Universal Shade A2Choose from Product 3Te-Econom Plus Syringe Shade A3*Ivoclar Te-Econom Plus Universal Shade A3Choose fr..


Ivoclar 10+2 Offer On Tetric N Ceram Composite Syringe

₹9,990.00 ₹16,416.00

Buy 10 Tetric n Ceram nano hybride composite syringe(Ivoclar vivadent) and get 2 syringes absolutely FREE. Choose from Product 1Tetric N-Ceram Syringe Shade A1*Ivoclar Tetric N-Ceram Enamel Shade A1Choose from Product 2Tetric N-Ceram Syringe Shade A2*Ivoclar Tetric N-Ceram Enamel Shade A2Choose from Product 3Tetric N-Ceram Syrin..


Ivoclar Apexit Plus 2 Syringe Pack

₹4,490.00 ₹6,659.00

Ivoclar Apexit Plus 2 Syringe Pack:Excellent tissue toleranceDurable sealing of the root canal due to the slight setting expansionIts easy flowing composition allows the material to adapt well even to morphologically complicated canalsConvenient application (automix syringe and Intra Canal Tip enable easy direct application)Long working time (mixed..

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Ivoclar Applicators Refill

₹115.00 ₹200.00

Micro Applicators are non-linting and non-absorbent with featured bendable handle.Designed for precision placement of bonding agents, etchants, hemostatic solutions, cavity liners and disclosing solutions.Facilitates the proper placement of materials into difficult to reach areas.Available in White colorWide handle with webbing for better handlingN..

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Ivoclar Astrobrush

₹5,720.00 ₹5,724.00

This shape is suited for polishing anterior and cervical restorations, occlusal surfaces and for removing stains near the gingiva in confined areas.Regular CupThis shape is used for polishing large posterior restoration surfaces and for removing stains.PointThis brush is suitable for polishing occlusal fissures and proximal areas.Features:High-glos..


Ivoclar Astropol Assortment Pack

₹6,210.00 ₹7,799.00

Indications:-Ivoclar Astropol Assortment PackSmooth lustrous restorations with a precision finish3 grit sizes for professional resultsAlso suitable for polishing amalgam4 shapes for flexible use in the anterior and posterior regionAutoclavable and reusableDescriptionThe Astropol polishing system is especially designed for the finishing, polish..


Ivoclar Bluephase 20i G2 LED Curing Light

₹114,720.00 ₹138,540.00

Ivoclar Bluephase 20i G2 LED Curing LightFeatures :The Bluephase 20i is high-performance LED curing light with a light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2 offering curing times as fast as 5 seconds.Bluephase 20i is an LED polymerization light that produces energy-rich blue light. It is used for the polymerization of light-curing dental materials im..


Ivoclar Bluephase N

₹65,260.00 ₹80,000.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MPolywave LED with halogen-like broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm.Suitable for fast curing of all light initiator systems.For all indications due to continuous cooling.Click & Cure for battery-free emergency operation with the power pack.3 curing modes: High Power (1,200 mW/cm2) for quick polymerization, Low Power (650 mW/..


Ivoclar Bluephase N M

₹28,940.00 ₹65,000.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MMaximum power supply due to the lithium-polymer battery with highest capacity.Three adjustable curing times ensure efficient & reliable operation.For all indications due to continuous operation.Controlled light curing due to adjustable curing times.Universal program for the intuitive 1-button operation and uncomplicated han..


Ivoclar Bluephase N MC (100-240V)

₹19,940.00 ₹33,662.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MC (100-240V)FEATURES:For all indications due to continuous operationSimple and uncomplicated handling due to a universal programm and 1-button operationFits the hands comfortably due to an ergnomic designRotatable 10-mm light probe for optimal access to all restored areasDescriptionBluephase N MC is a mains-operated LED polymer..

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Ivoclar Cavifil Injector

₹2,095.00 ₹2,700.00

The Cavifil Injector allows molars at the back of the oral cavity to be reached comfortably.Depending on the position of the jaw and cavity, the capsules containing the restorative materials – known as Cavifils – can be turned 360° in the injector.In addition, high-viscosity materials can be dispensed with ease because of the high transmission rati..


Ivoclar Cention N

₹1,590.00 ₹1,804.00

High strength Restorative MaterialFeatures :Stronger than glass ionomer cementMore esthetic than amalgam and glass ionomer cementTime-saving replacement of tooth structure in only four working stepsDescriptionCention N is a radiopaque, self-curing filling material with light-curing option, which releases fluoride, calcium and hydroxide io..


Ivoclar Ceramic Repair N Kit

₹9,480.00 ₹12,700.00

Ceramic &Composite Restorations RepairComprehensive set for intraoral repairs of ceramic and composite restorations.The Ceramic Repair N System Kit is a set of various components for the intraoral repair of defective ceramic- and composite-veneered fixed restorations. All-ceramic restorations can also be repaired with the Ceramic Repair N ..


Ivoclar Eco-Etch (pack of 2)

₹500.00 ₹603.00

Phosphoric acid gelPhosphoric acid gelTotal-etch techniqueDescriptionPhosphoric acid gelIndication:Eco-Etch is used in the total-etch technique in combination withTe-Econom Bond.                            Packaging2 x 2gm Syringes..

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Ivoclar Email Preparator Blue

₹635.00 ₹734.00

Indication:Enamel etching and dentin conditioning for sealants, compositerestorations, and for the adhesive cementation of restorations. Advantages:Micro-interlocking of Heliobond bonding agent with the etchedenamelThe material flows well into the fissures due to the low viscosityReliable retention of the sealant, composite, and the seatedrest..


Ivoclar ExciTE F DSC Refills 0.1g

₹5,485.00 ₹6,632.00

Ivoclar ExciTE F DSC Refills 0.1gFeatures :Simple, one-step system due to the patented, initiator-coated applicator brushNo light-curing required if a dual or self-curing composite restorative or luting composite is usedExciTE F DSC is based on ExciTE F and thus offers the same proven physical propertiesFluoride releaseHygienic Single Dose vessels ..


Ivoclar ExciTE F Vivapen & Refill Bottle

₹7,145.00 ₹8,637.00

Ivoclar ExciTE F Vivapen & Refill BottleFeatures :Convenient and economical dispensing from the VivaPen (approx. 120 applications)Also available in bottles and Soft Touch Single Dose vesselsReliable adhesion, as ExcitTE F establishes a strong bond to enamel and dentinConsistent quality due to its acetone-free chemistryFluoride releaseReduced po..


Ivoclar Fluor Protector (Pack Of 1)

₹340.00 ₹500.00

Ivoclar Fluor Protector (Pack Of 1)Fluor Protector is a protective varnish with fluorideBecause of its properties the varnish spreads easily and readily flows into complex surface structures. It dries quickly and shows excellent adhesion to teeth. Many years of clinical experience and numerous international studies confirm the effectiveness of Fluo..

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