Itena Dentoclic (Glass-Fiber Post) Kit

₹9,475.00 ₹9,900.00

Itena Dentoclic (Glass-Fiber Post) KitTranslucent or ivory posts for aesthetic results (Glass-fiber post) AdvantagesElasticity modulus similar to dentineFavourable constraint: deformation ratio for the tooth. Homogenous distribution of mechanical constraints“In fact teeth restored using glass-fiber posts result in only a small number of failur..


Itena Dentocore

₹1,945.00 ₹2,100.00

Itena DentocoreCore build up and post Cementation composite materialThe Dentocore is not too viscous, not to liquid.Advantages:Dual (self- and light-curing) Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light.Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess materialEnhanced mechanical properties of convention..


Itena Dentocore body (Core Build up)

₹3,540.00 ₹4,100.00

Itena DentocoreCorono-radicular restorationsPost cementation AdvantagesDual (self- and light-curing)Polymerization guaranteed, even in the areas which are unreachable with the LED curing unit light.Rubbery phase allows for removal of excess materialNanoparticle technologyEnhanced mechanical properties of conventionalBis-GMA composite Cuts..


Itena Dentocrown

₹4,930.00 ₹5,800.00

Itena DentocrownSelf-curing Resin for the making of Temporary Crowns & BridgesDentocrown is a fluorescent cold polymerising paste-paste system for the production of temporary crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. Dentocrown consists of base paste and catalyst paste.Making of: Crowns, Bridges, Inlays, OnlaysHints & TipsIt is possible..


Itena Dentolic (Glass-Fiber Post) Refills

₹1,775.00 ₹1,850.00

Itena Dentoclic (Glass-Fiber Post) RefillsTranslucent or ivory posts for aesthetic results (Glass-fiber post) refillsAdvantagesElasticity modulus similar to dentineFavourable constraint: deformation ratio for the tooth. Homogenous distribution of mechanical constraints“In fact teeth restored using glass-fiber posts result in only a small number of ..


Itena Dentotemp - Long Term Temporary Cement

₹2,795.00 ₹3,900.00

Itena Dentotemp - Long Term Temporary CementTemporary CementAdvantages:No eugenol - No interferences with permanent cementsHigh bonding strength, but with an easy removalLeaves perfectly healthy gingiva after removal of the temporary crownBinds to the inside of temporary crowns: the removal of the temporary crown takes off all of the ceme..


Itena Iperbond Ultra Universal Adhesive

₹3,050.00 ₹5,500.00

Itena Iperbond Ultra Universal AdhesiveIperbond is a Universal AdhesiveIndications:Unprepared enamelSclerotic dentineLarge enamel areasCeramic fracture repairsCavities with low retentionPost cementationAdvantages:Excellent results: repeatedly reliable bonding to enamel and dentineLow evaporation: no acetone solvent for better consistencyQ..


Itena Luxite - Led Curing Light

₹46,995.00 ₹49,000.00

Curing light UnitMaximal power 1600mW/cm²6 curing program modesChoice of fiber optic tips: thin, large and turboInterchangeable battery pack : A spare battery pack can be left to charge separatelyAnti-glare shieldLCD color displayLong battery running life2 years guarantee (Battery - 1 year )Key Specifications:Maximal power..1600 mW/cm2Wavelength ra..


Itena Matrix

₹1,145.00 ₹1,800.00

ITENA MatrixFeatures :Use with composite, glass ionomer cements, pattern acrylicFit the natural anatomy of the toothAvailable in several sizesLight-curableConical, for a better resultHint and TipsFor easy removal of the matrix once the core has been cured, make a hole in the top of the matrix with a dental scaler. Pass the scaler through the hole u..


Itena Perfect Polish (Diamond Polishers)

₹2,415.00 ₹3,000.00

One Step Diamond Polishers for compositesFeatures :Disc-shaped polisher for anterior restorationFlame or cup-shaped polisher for posterior restoration or for palatin faces or for lingual facesDescriptionFor use on: CompositeCompomersGlass ionomers AdvantagesExcellent quality of polishing and shine in just one stepCan be sterilized in an a..


Itena Prevent Seal

₹1,945.00 ₹2,450.00

Itena Prevent Self-etching light-cured pit &fissure sealantSelf-etching Light cured, pit & fissure sealant with release. IndicationsUse of the self-etching technique for the preventive sealing of pits of permanent in patients presenting a raised risk of developing .For pits and fissures that are particularly sensitive to dental decay..


Itena Pure Office Whitening Kit

₹2,990.00 ₹3,350.00

Itena France - Pure Office Whitening Kit -5gm Enough for 2 cases with 2 barrier syringesProfessional Teeth Whitening KitUse:35% H.P In Office Whitening KitHints & TipsTo keep your teeth white after treatment, here are some tips to follow:Brush your teeth and use dental flossHave your teeth regularly cleaned by your dentistAvoid tobacco, coffee ..


Itena Quick Bond

₹2,645.00 ₹2,950.00

Itena Quick Bond2-Step Self-etching Bonding SystemFor bonding of all filling materials, dual core builds up, compomers, resin cements, crowns, bridges, inlays and onlaysMade from an acidic water based self-etching primer and a light-cured adhesiveFeatures:If applied to enamel, the Primer produces a significant pattern with an enhanced surface area,..


Itena Reflectys Composite Syringes

₹945.00 ₹1,100.00

Itena Reflectys Composite SyringesReflectys is a light-cured micro-hybrid composite reinforced with nano-fillers. The filler content (80%) is embedded in a resin matrix (20%). Reflectys contains particles of different sizes and structure that enhance the material’s mechanical resistance and aesthetic properties. Exceptional aestheticTrue ..


Itena Reflectys Flow - Universal Flow Composite

₹840.00 ₹1,000.00

Reflectys flow - Universal flow compositeAdvantages:Excellent thixotropy: flows perfectly under pressure but stays in the cavityHigh aesthetic result: easy to polish, durable shining, long lasting shadeReal reflection of natural teethExceptional abrasive resistanceContains fluorideRadiopaqueLow polymerization shrinkageLight-curingReflectys flo..


Itena Silanea Syringe

₹1,178.00 ₹1,800.00

Itena Silanea SyringeImprove AdhesionSilanea is a cross-linking agent used to improve adhesion.Advantages:Silanea reacts with mineral surfaces (such as glass or ceramic) via a condensation reactionSilanea also reacts with organic polymer surfaces (such as epoxy resin, polyester resin or methacrylate resin) initiating an additional reaction and/or c..


Itena Total C-Ram Shade#Translucent

₹3,395.00 ₹3,700.00

Itena Total C-Ram Shade#TranslucentSelf-adhesive and Self-adhesive Permanent Resin CementTotalC-Ram is dedicated to permanent cementation of: crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, veneers and posts.Specially formulated for ceramic, porcelain, zirconiaFeatures :No post-operative sensitivityExtremely thin film (10 μm)Not soluble in the oral..


Itena Totalcem (Tr)

₹3,190.00 ₹3,400.00

Itena Totalcem (Tr)Self-etching and self-adhesive permanent resin luting cementFor cementation of: crowns bridges posts  inlays & onlaysSelf-adhesive on: enamel, dentine, metal ceramic, porcelain, zirconium composites “Finally, a self-etching/self-bonding cement where you can almost feel the low film thickness and that ..


Itena Traxodent Paste

₹2,480.00 ₹2,600.00

Itena Traxodent PasteHemostatic gingival retraction pasteHemostatic gingival retraction pasteHints & Tips:Retraction cap or an instrument can be used to gently push Traxodent and increase the retractionA compression cap or similar device can also be used after placement of the paste for maximum deflection of the soft tissueUse before :- taking ..

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