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3m Unitek Unite Primer

₹2,450.00 ₹3,528.00

ormulated for strength, Unite Bonding Adhesive allows ample working time yet sets quickly, allowing the archwire to be inserted in as little as four minutes.For a strong, reliable bond, ease of handling and rapid placement, the industry-proven choice is Unite Bonding Adhesive.Unite adhesive is thixotropic - it will not run, yet it flows readily int..


Ammdent Canalsolve

₹450.00 ₹535.00

Canalsolve Removes both GP Point and zinc oxide based Sealers.Packaging:1 x 13ml Bottle..


Ammdent Cito Cid

₹300.00 ₹337.00

Viscous chelating agent, Dissolve calcium Hydroxide from Canal, acts as mild chelating agent , root canal irrigation/cleanser-conditionr, colored for easy traceabilityINDICATIONS:Chemical root canal dilatation.Location of canal entrances.Citric acid is a mild, slightly antibacterial, biocompatible chelating agent that forms a relatively stable chel..


Ammdent D Hydral

₹250.00 ₹292.00

D-HYDRAL Dehydrating and degresing agent for cavities and canal. Content : 30mlPackaging:1 x 30 ml Bottle..


Ammdent D-Pulp (Devitalising Paste)

₹592.00 ₹805.00

Pulp devitalising pasteD-Pulp is a arsenic free Paraformaldehyde based paste of thick consistency used in endodontics mainly for pulp devitalization.Main consitituents of pulp devitalizer include: formaldehyde, cresol, paraformaldehyde, and arsenic compounds. COMPOSITION OF AMMDENT D-PULP:ParaformaldehydeINDICATION:For pulp devitalising d..


Ammdent Dentochlor

₹400.00 ₹800.00

 Efficient antibacterial for intracanal medicament including E. Faecalis whith is always found in failure casesCOMPOSITION:2% Chlorhexidine DigluconateINDICATION:For root canal irrigation and disinfectionFeatures:Antimicrobial & antifungal functionRemoves biofilm.Packaging:1 x 220 ml Bottle..


Ammdent Endoflux Root Canal Sealer

₹900.00 ₹976.00

 Ammdent Endoflux Root Canal Sealer is a calcium based root canal sealer.An accelerator is provided to decrease the setting time.COMPOSITION:Zinc oxideCalcium hydroxideEugenolIodoformParachlorophenolBarium sulphate .Features:Why to use Ca-OH based Root Canal Sealers?Stimulation of the periapical tissues in order to maintain health or promote h..


Ammdent Prep Canal

₹376.00 ₹535.00

Ammdent Prep Canal (EDTA) is a chelating agent can bind to metals via four carboxylate and two amine groups. It is a polyamino carboxylic acid and a colorless, water-soluble solid, which is widely used to dissolve lime scale. It is produced as several salts, notably disodium EDTA and calcium disodium EDTA. EDTA reacts with the calcium ions in ..


Ammdent Resinoseal(Resin Based Root Canal Sealer)

₹446.00 ₹589.00

Root Canal Sealing and Filling Material is Resin Based Roor Canal Sealer COMPOSITION:Powder - (Silver Free): Methanamine, Bismuth Oxide, Tit. Oxide ad Excipients.Liquid- Epoxy resin ad ExcipientsINDICATION:Used a sealer during obturation in root canal treatments.Features:Dimensionally stableEconomicalBactericidal property inhibi..


Ammdent Ultra White Bleaching Gel

₹898.00 ₹1,055.00

Bleaching Gel22 % Carbamide Peroxide for Home Bleach and 35% for Office Bleach.DIRECTIONS TO USE:PLEASE NOTE:Kindly consult your Dentist before using HOME BLEACH , however the instructions mentioned below can be followed under the guidance of Dentist ONLY!It is important that you apply the teeth whitening gel properly so you do not waste any of the..


Api Auro Metallic Post Assorted Pack

₹2,375.00 ₹3,400.00

Metallic PostAPI Auro Metallic Post Assorted PackFeatures:Sizes available:Size 0 (Small, Medium , Large)Size 1(Small, Medium , Large)Size 2 (Small, Medium , Large)Key Specifications:DiameterLengthNo. 8mmS1Ø1.059.5mmM1 12mmL1 8mmS2Ø1.209.5mmM2 12mmL2 8mmS3Ø1.359.5mmM3 12mmL3 8mmS4Ø1.509.5mmM4 12mmL4 14mmX..


Api Diamond C/A Burs

₹448.00 ₹550.00

Diamond BurAPI Diamond C/A BursFEATURES:Fine quality Diamond BursEfficient cuttingKEY SPECIFICATIONS;H in bur code stands for Extra CoarseC in bur code stands for CoarseS in bur code stands for ShortF in bur code stands for FinePACKAGING:Pack of 10..


Api Paste Carrier 25mm #25-40

₹395.00 ₹500.00

API Paste Carrier 25mm #25-40Features:For filling sealer or cement to root canalHigh temperature sterlization is available 4pcs per pack, available for single or assorted sizesPackaging:Pack of 4 Files..


Api Rubber Dam Punch Forceps

₹960.00 ₹1,200.00

Rubber Dam Punch ForcepsAPI Rubber Dam Punch ForcepsWARRANTY:6 Months warranty against RustPACKAGINGAPI Rubber Dam Punch Forceps - Ainsworth 1 UnitAPI Rubber Dam Punch Forceps - Ivory1 UnitAPI Rubber Dam Punch Forceps - Brewer1 UnitAPI Rubber Dam Punch Forceps - Stoke1 UnitAPI Rubber Dam Frame - Adult1 UnitAPI Rubber Dam Frame - Paedo1 Unit..


Api Stainless Steel K -File 21mm

₹168.00 ₹170.00

API Stainless Steel K -File 21mmPACKAGING:Pack of 6 Files..


Api Stainless Steel K -File 25mm

₹167.00 ₹170.00

API Stainless Steel K -File 25mmPACKAGING:Pack of 6 Files..


Apple Dental Airrotor Handpiece (Autoclavable)

₹1,495.00 ₹2,500.00

FeaturesStylishGood Quality CartridgeAnti-retraction function:three holes on the head to maintain airflow, also when the dental unit is stopped,the dirt can come out under the air pressure of inertance through these 3 holes.Autoclavable upto 135 CPACKAGING:1x Handpiece1x Head Opener1x User Manual..


Bombay Dental 2Shape

₹2,990.00 ₹3,750.00

2 Shape..


Bombay Dental Endo Smart

₹54,990.00 ₹75,000.00

EndoMotor Plus with Rotary + Reciprocating system..


Bombay Dental Endoflare

₹2,595.00 ₹2,600.00

The initial treatment with ENDOFLARE® is limited to the coronal third of the canal, widening it to improve access. It will then simplify catheterism and filing.ENDOFLARE® is used with a reducing contra-angle at a speed of 300 to 600 rpm.On occasion it may be beneficial to use ENDOFLARE® after canal preparation is completed to make ob..

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