Endo Motor


3m Espe Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit

₹100,170.00 ₹105,380.00

For automatic mixing(1 Packet Monophase,1 Cartridge, 1 Elastomer syringe, 1 Mixing Tip,1 Packet Polyether Tray Adhesive) Worth  Rs 20,000 FREE With the touch of a button, the Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit delivers a completely homogeneous mix for exceptionally accurate impressions and perfectly fitting restorations … every time.F..


Bombay Dental Endo Smart

₹54,990.00 ₹75,000.00

EndoMotor Plus with Rotary + Reciprocating system..


Bombay Dental EQV Obturation

₹74,990.00 ₹125,000.00

EQ-V obturation contains Back Fill and Down pack5th Genration Cordless device with continuous Wave ..


Bombay Dental MM Control

₹124,990.00 ₹125,000.00

Endo motor with torque and speed control + integrated apex locator MM.control is the indispensable tool in endodonctics which offers reliability, simplicity and safety.    Proven reliabilityControls the speed which remains stable according to the anatomical conditions of the canal.3 frequency “measure” principle e..


Dentsply X-Smart Endodontic Motor

₹52,476.00 ₹60,900.00

Endodontic Motor (Get 2 Packs Of Wal-Flex Files Free)The X-Smart™ is an endodontic micro-motor, specifically designed to drive NiTi rotary instruments. The X-Smart™ is a simple, compact and light weight unit, adapted to the needs of an endodontic practice.FEATURES:There is a clear LCD screen that is angled for easy visualisation during preparation...


Dentsply X-Smart Iq Cordless Endo Motor

₹139,000.00 ₹145,000.00

Corless Endo MotorX‐Smart IQ is the latest generation of Endodontics motors that makes you touch the future today. It is cordless and includes both continuous and reciprocating motions. The motor is controlled by the Apple iOS IQ application developed by Dentsply Sirona, which can be downloaded for free.It is a complete solution designed to provide..


Dentsply X-Smart Plus Endomotor

₹82,495.00 ₹92,400.00

Endodontic MotorThe X-Smart Plus micromotor is a simple and easy to use unit designed for GDPs carrying out rotary endodontics.It has a lightweight handpiece with a small head.The unit is compact and portable, operated without a footpedal and can be battery operated.It has reciprocation for WaveOne and torque control and auto-reverse modes for cont..


Eighteeth Medical E-Connect Pro Endo Motor

₹29,990.00 ₹42,000.00

E-Connect Pro Endo MotorFeatures:Continuous ModeReciprocation ModeAuto Torque Reverse340 degree Adjustable HeadTorque calibrationDigital OLED ScreenLow Noise MotorAmbidextrous (the endomotor screen can be rotated towards left or right)  DisplayDescriptionThe versatile and functional E-Connect Pro endo motor manufactured by Chang..


Eighteeth Medical E-Connect Pro Endomotor with E-Pex Pro Apex Locator

₹38,990.00 ₹45,000.00

Endomotor + Apex Locator ComboFeatures:Cordless EndomotorIntegrable Apex Locator4th Generation Apex LocatorAutomatic Calibration DescriptionEIGHTEETH E-CONNECT PRO ENDOMOTOR Eighteeth Medical give the most cost efficient, feature-rich cordless endo motor in the industry to equip you endodontic procedures. The contra angle can be 340 ..


Eighteeth Medical E-connect S Endomotor

₹48,990.00 ₹71,500.00

E-connect S EndomotorFeatures :Auto torque reverse, reduce the possibility of file broken in tooth.Reciprocating mode: 5 modes of reciprocating cutting make operation safe and effective.More advanced functions: Right & Left hand converting, Self-calibration, volume adjustment etc.340° adjustable miniature head provide excellent visibilityOrigin..


J Morita Root Zx Mini + Dentsply X-Smart

₹98,990.00 ₹99,000.00

ROOT ZX MINI APEX LOCATOR by J MORITA is the world’s best selling apex locator which is available in a compact, mini design, measuring just over 4”x 2” with proven root ZX apex location technology independently evaluated at a 97.5% accuracy rate. It has programmable memory settings and shock resistance. It al..


J Morita Tri-Auto Mini Endo Motor (2 Walflex Files Free)

₹71,990.00 ₹96,120.00

J MORITA, the dentist can experience the same tactile feedback as manual filing while various automatic controls reduce the risk of file jamming and breakage. Its slim design allows for easy access to posterior teeth with the ability to view both the canal openings and the pulpal floor during instrumentation. Another new an..


Nsk Endo-Mate Dt Endomotor 20:1 With Mpas Head

₹47,990.00 ₹55,000.00

ENDO-MATE DT by NSK is a smart Endo Micromotor with Convenient Full Portability which is specifically designed for use with Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers.User-programmable preset memory can store up to 9 speed and torque settings exactly to the supplier’s spec. A ..


Nsk Endomate Tc2 Endo Motor

₹54,000.00 ₹58,000.00

Endo-Mate TC2 by NSK is an endomotor used in the shaping of the root canals during endodontic treatment. Endo-Mate TC2 has a cordless handpiece that assures ease of use even during the most delicate endodontic procedures. The light weight endodontic motor has a large LCD display ..


Nsk Endomotor Endomate At

₹39,040.00 ₹42,000.00

EndomotorEndo-Mate AT by NSK is a highly versatile endodontic motor, compatible with all the major brands and ranges of Ni-Ti files. It has a highly customizable programming which gives clinicians the option of up to 9 settings (speed and torque) making it an easy switch between programs for different file systems.The ..


Waldent Endomotor Handpiece - Head 16:1

₹5,480.00 ₹6,000.00

Endomotor Handpiece - HeadWaldent Endomotor Handpiece Head 16:1Features:Endomotor Handpiece with 16:1 Gear RatioCompatible with Endopro EndomotorWarranty:Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 6 months as applicable for this product.Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this productDenta..


Waldent EndoPro 2.0 Endomotor with Apex Locator (Free 2 Set of Wal-flex Assorted Files)

₹31,950.00 ₹55,000.00

Endomotor with built-in Apex LocatorWALDENT EndoPro 2.0An endomotor with a built-in Apex Locator, which saves space as well as time while performing Root Canal Therapy. The endomotor and apex locator functions can be used separately or together, by the click of a button , as per the choice of the dentist. This device is a delight to Endolovers as i..


Waldent Endopro Cordless Endomotor

₹13,990.00 ₹30,000.00

Cordless Endomotor Waldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view for the endodontists thus, enhancing their efficiency.THIRD GENERATIO..


Waldent Endopro Endomotor + Woodpecker Minipex Apex Locator Combo

₹22,990.00 ₹23,000.00

Endomotor + Apex Locator miniWaldent EndoPro Endomotor + Woodpecker Minipex Apex Locator ComboWaldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view..


Waldent Endopro Endomotor + Woodpecker Woodpex Iii Gold Apex Locator Combo

₹24,990.00 ₹24,990.00

Endomotor + Apex LocatorWaldent EndoPro Endomotor + Woodpecker Woodpex III Gold Apex Locator ComboWaldent introduces Cordless Reciprocating  Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head ..

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