ECC IRISH Clear Self Ligating Bracket kit 022 - Demon Type

ECC IRISH Clear Self Ligating Bracket kit 022 - Demon Type

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It is a low-friction, light force orthodontic solution that delivers healthy tooth movement with optimal control. The contours of the slide and smooth rounded edges increase patient comfort. The Irish has all the great features of the clear hard resin self-ligating bracket in aesthetic.


Integrated hooks available on 3's, 4's and 5's for no extra charge

Smooth, rounded edges for patient comfort

Patient pending door slides into both open and closed positions. Rounded contours create hygeinic doors that repel plaque

Large under tie-wing clearance for easy ligation to support early elastics, ligatures, metal ligatures and power chain

Fracture and stain resistant hybrid resin material holds up to common patient abuse

One piece base designed for optimum pad-to-tooth fit and bond strength

Slot is passive in initial stages. Full-sized wires will make 3-4 wall contact

Better sliding mechanics with smooth material provides less sliding friction than stainless steel

Treadlok base provides superior surface area for greater bond strength

Compound contour torque-in-base

CLICK IN- CLICK OUT wire lock in centre, no instrument required

Made by ECC in Europe.


1 kit - 5X5 U/L

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