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Denext Model Trimmer

₹15,495.00 ₹21,700.00

Model TrimmerDENEXT MODEL TRIMMER-Trimming machine for casts INDICATION: Used in laboratory procedures.Model Trimmer is widely used in restorative dentistry.It is a necessary tool for trimming plaster models,This machine is made of rust-proof&nb..


Capri Cotton Rolls

₹390.00 ₹350.00

Cotton RollsDescriptions:Capri Cotton rolls are made from 100% pure cotton non-sterile. Helically wound to retain absorbea fluids firmly without collapsing for total dryisolated field.Features:Capri Cotton Rolls (Medium)Length:3.80 cmsSize: Medium,Diameter  1.0 cmCapri Cotton Rolls (Large)Length:3.80 cmsSize: LargeDiameter 1.2 cmCapri Cotton R..


Coltene Heat Cure Denture Material Clear Shade

₹872.00 ₹990.00

Coltene Heat Cure Denture Material Clear ShadeOutstanding esthetics with Superior impact resistancePremium product with Premimum resultsSuperb flexural and High impact StrengthCan be compression packedCross Linking Ensure superior qualityBalanced TranslucencyEasy to polishDescriptionOutstanding esthetics with Superior impact resistance Premium..


Denext Pindex Machine

₹9,495.00 ₹13,300.00

Pindex MachineDENEXT Pindex Machine- Capable of drilling plaster models or plexi-glass and PVC bases for the application of conical pins in the removable stump technique.I Laser pointer system allows a fast and safe alignment of the perforation.The perforation depth can be regulated by rotating a nut, clearly located on the fron..


Dpi Cold Mould Seal - 110ml, 350ml, 3.5Ltr

₹60.00 ₹175.00

Cold Mould Seal is a Specially Developed formulation of separating solution for universal use, suitable for both packing / pressing technique and cast moulding. Makes tough film with elasticity which is unbreakable in pressure. Film dose not chip off from plaster at pressure. High quality of the raw materials guarantees optimum separation with both..


DPI Heat cure Cold Mould Seal - (110ml, 350ml, 3.5Ltr)

₹60.00 ₹275.00

Dpi Heat cure Cold Mould Seal : Used as denture base material for full or partial upper or lower dentures.FEATURESHeat cured acrylic denture base material.Simple mixing, easy to process.Variety of shades (pink, translucent, veined, light veined, special pink, clear).Choice of normal or quick cure times.Cross linking ensures superior ..


Dpi Modelling Wax

₹158.00 ₹165.00

Modelling WaxA uniform Modelling Wax with excellent working qualities and outstanding cohesive properties.PACKAGING:11 sheets in one pack..


I-Fit Fixture Lab Analog

₹880.00 ₹900.00

Implant AnalogI-Fit Fixture Lab Analog is materialized in the oral cavity on the working replica..


Indian Chip Blower With Nozzle

₹57.00 ₹100.00

Chip Blower With NozzelRUBBER CHIP BLOWER WITH BRASS NOZZLE.A dental instrument typically consisting of a rubber bulb with a long metal tube that is used to blow drilling debris from a cavity being prepared for filling.Packaging:1 pc..


Ivoclar Optrafine Promo Pack

₹5,385.00 ₹6,697.00

Diamond Polishing SystemFeatures :Low surface roughness thanks to a high diamond concentrationExcellent high gloss thanks to a polishing paste with diamond particlesReusableDescriptionOptraFine is a high-performance diamond polishing system for ceramic restorations, combining high efficiency with long-lasting pleasing polishing results.OptraFine&nb..


Ivoclar Vivadent 4 All Metal White Ceramic Alloy

₹9,545.00 ₹12,550.00

Ivoclar Vivadent 4 All Metal White Ceramic AlloyDescriptions: Ivoclar Vivadent 4 All Metal White Ceramic Alloy4all is a nickel-chromium ceramic alloy. Its mechanical and physical properties have been coordinated with conventional feldspar ceramics. ADVANTAGES:Good melting and flow propertiesEasy to divestReduced hardnessWorks with convent..


Ivoclar Vivadent IPS Classic Dentine Ceramic Material

₹3,790.00 ₹7,000.00

Ivoclar Vivadent IPS Classic Dentine Ceramic MaterialFEATURES:The fully-fledged IPS Classic metal-ceramic provides a high degree of individuality and creativity.Given its balanced distribution of particles, the IPS Classic metal-ceramic exhibits excellent modelling properties and high stability, even after several firing cycles. The classic ceramic..


Kalabhai Ultrarock Die Stone (3kg)

₹750.00 ₹950.00

Kalabhai Ultrarock Die Stone (3kg)High quality dental stone powderPackaging:3kg/ pkt..


Maarc Die Hardner

₹302.00 ₹400.00

Die HardnerDESCRIPTION: Die Hardner Color TransparentINDICATION:Used in laboratorical procedures for hardening the die stone plasterFEATURES:It produces a homogenous coating on the die stone and plaster attributed to its viscosity.It seals, hardens and water proofs stone and plaster.It protects models against abrasion specifically at marginal ..


Maarc Die Spacer

₹279.00 ₹400.00

Die SpacerDESCRIPTION: Die Spacer is solution used in laboratory procedures on die stone plaster.INDICATIONS:To produce relief space for the cementFEATURES:Stiff enough to hold the wax patterns and does not deform in shape.Easy burn out without residue.It produces a homogenous coating of 5 ml in single application on the die for crown and brid..


Maarc Ni-Cr Alloy(White Metal)

₹2,230.00 ₹3,200.00

White Metal for Cast RestorationsDESCRIPTION: It is in the form of rectangular pellets each weighing appx 5gms Nominal Composition Ni - 68 percent, Cr - 15 percent, Cu - 15 percent and Rest - 2 percent.FEATURES:It is beryllium free alloy with excellent castability.It is reusable with addition of appx 50% fresh metal during recasting.It can be ..


Maarc Re-Inforcement Mesh

₹78.00 ₹100.00

Re-inforcement MeshDESCRIPTION:Especially designed for reinforcing acrylic resin dentures.The special mesh allows a perfect integration within the acrylic resin giving a tremendous reinforcement.It gives also an easy adaptation to the oral curves.It can be used routinely for denture reinforcement and for denture repair. FEATURES:Espe..


Marathon M3 Champion Micro Motor

₹6,470.00 ₹9,180.00

M3 Champion-Clinical MicromotorCompact and portable clinical micromotor for lab purposes .FEATURES:2.9 Ncm, 45WCompact and portable size Continous variable speed control On/Off foot switch One- touch change of the driving direction for efficient operation No noise, vibaration or heat after a long hours of operation, ensuring smo..


Marathon M4 Lab Micromotor

₹6,890.00 ₹7,500.00

Lab MicromotorCompact and portableContinuous variable speed controlForward and reverseSmooth, quiet operationFEATURES:Light weightCompact size4 stage speed controlExcellent torque with smooth operationKEY SPECIFICATIONS :Max speed : 40,000rpmTorque : 2.9 NcmWARRANTRY:1 Year Warranty against the manufacturing defectPACKAGING:Marathon M4(Lab) Micromo..


Mortar Pestle Local

₹62.00 ₹80.00


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