Coltene Roeko Canalbrush

Coltene Roeko Canalbrush

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Coltene Roeko Canalbrush

Approximately 35-40% of the root canal surface remains unchanged after preparation with an instrument.

  • It is used during root canal treatments to remove dentin, plaque and other impurities loosened by files and drills.
  • The extremely small CanalBrush helps cleaning parts of the root canal which are not reached by files.
  • The use of CanalBrush in connection with an irrigating solution (e.g. NaOCl, NaCl, H2O2, alcohol, CHX) increases considerably the cleaning effect of irrigating solutions on the root canal surface.
  • CanalBrush can be used manually with a rotary action. However, it is more efficient to use it with a contra-angle handpiece at a maximum of 600 rpm.


  • very flexible, lower risk of breakage
  • can be autoclaved at 134°C before use
  • can be used to place post cements or adhesives
  • with endo stops for length control
  • This brush is not to be used for agitating a chelating agent in the root canal (according to US Patent no. 6,179,617).



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