Coltene Jet Bite

Coltene Jet Bite

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Bite Registration (A-Silicone)

JET BITE is an A-silicone-based impression material for use in dentistry with an automatic mixing device. Easy handling and ideal stability facilitate the bite registration

Perfect Bite registration - without occlusal adjustments. Jet Bite gives the perfect occlusal fit on the first try. The patient bites down naturally every time because of Jet Bite fast's fluffy, mousse-like consistency. There is no need for time-consuming adjustments. Jet Bite flows smoothly - sets rock hard.


  • Impression material for bite registration: registration of centric occlusion

 Contra-indications :

  • Provided that the product is used as directed, there are no known contra-indications


  • Smooth mousse-like consistency - No resistance to closure, no rebound
  • High dimensional stability - No distortion
  • Less brittle - Easy to grind and cut
  • Saves time - Minimizes occlusal adjustments

Key Specification:


    • Smooth mousse-like consistency - No resistance to closure, no rebound
    • Jet Bite fast 70 seconds total working time
    • Working time maximum 20 s
    • Oral setting time minimum 50 s

  • Packaging:
  • 2 x 50ml Cartridges
  • 12 x Mixing tips
  • 12 x Spreader tips

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