Intense Medical & Dental system, India

IMDSL India is a leading company in soft tissue diode laser manufacturing in India for last 15yrs. They are aspiring to be the global leader in soft tissue diode laser. Laser manufactured by them are best quality and economic. Dental Diode laser Medical Laser Proctology Laser EVLT Laser. Make in India truly international diode laser with global standards.


IMDSL Dental Diode Laser , 7W / 980NM

₹229,900.00 ₹265,000.00

Dental Diode LaserDescription:980 nm wavelength. The latest wavelength in diode which has 8-10 times higher absorption in oral tissues when compare to similar wavelengths (808, 810, 940, etc.) thus providing more efficient cutting.High frequency –It has a diode that provides maximum output power as 10khz. So no worries and no limitation to any soft..

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