3m Espe Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit

3m Espe Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit

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Brands 3M ESPE
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For automatic mixing

For automatic mixing

(1 Packet Monophase,1 Cartridge, 1 Elastomer syringe, 1 Mixing Tip,1 Packet Polyether Tray Adhesive) Worth  Rs 20,000 FREE 

With the touch of a button, the Pentamix™ 3 Automatic Mixing Unit delivers a completely homogeneous mix for exceptionally accurate impressions and perfectly fitting restorations … every time.


Ease of use: Experience a modern high-tech design.

High mixing quality: void-free and consistent mixing of impression material – including putty materials.

Hygienic and clean dispensing of all types of impression material.

Operation security: built-in sensor detects Penta™ Authentication Label on each base paste foil bag which guarantees optimised mixing parameters and speed of extrusion.

Ultimate procedure efficiency because it mixes and dispenses all 3M ESPE impression materials – even putty - faster than any other automatic mixing unit

  • Enables you to work with quick-setting materials
  • Wall-mounting option included
  • Penta™ Cartridges display material name and working/setting times
  • Optimized design for left- and right-handed operators




  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 12 months applicable for this product. Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product.

  • 1 Pentamix 3 Automatic Mixing Unit . (1 Packet Monophase.1 Cartridge. 1 Elastomer syringe. 1 Mixing Tip.1 Packet Polyether Tray Adhesive)


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