3m Unitek Victory Series Twin Brackets

3m Unitek Victory Series Twin Brackets

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The industry standard for brackets, the Victory Series metal bracket system features high bond strength, easily readable identification system and easier bracket ligation. For ease of use, the brackets have been designed with smoothly finished bicuspid tie-wings that are slightly extended and offset gingivally away from the tooth. Deep tie-wing undercuts assure easier and more secure ligation.An innovative pad design, incorporating an 80 gauge mesh bonding pad, matches the curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and strong, consistent bond strength.
Research conducted and published by Howard University reveals shear bond strengths 40% to 50% higher for 80 gauge mesh vs. 100 gauge mesh on bicuspids with macro-filled resins.Also available are gingivally offset bicuspid brackets. This unique pad design features a larger bonding base and radiused corners for enhanced base-to-tooth adaptation, providing improved bond strength.The Victory Series bracket system also makes use of torque-in-base design techniques to provide level slot line-up, and help avoid occlusal interference. A long axis scribe line is provided for accurate placement.

5x5 (20 units per kit)

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