3M Unitek Nitinol Super-Elastic Archwires Reverse Curve - Round

3M Unitek Nitinol Super-Elastic Archwires Reverse Curve - Round

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NiTi Reverse Curve Orthodontic Archwires - Round

Reverse Curve wires provide excellent counter forces to achieve bite modifications quickly and efficiently, while also improving archform integrity.
Unitek Nitinol Super-Elastic is easy to engage and maintains light continuous forces.
Super Elastic Reverse Curve Ni-Ti Archwires exhibit shape memory. It moves teeth farther and faster as initially exerted lower load force and increased residual forces as it progresses to its full shape. The superelastic wire has easier deflection on delivery to the bracket, is more comfortable for patients, and has less stress on bracket bondings.

  • Provides light continuous forces
  • Easy engagement characteristics
  • Good early torque control

Key Specifications:

  •  Superelastic effect
  •  Superior quality
  •  Shape memory
  •  Less strength on brackets
  •  Polished finish to reduce friction


  • Pack of 10

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