3m Espe Alginate Impression Material

3m Espe Alginate Impression Material

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Alginate Impression Material

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Alginate Impression Material

The Alginate Impression Material by 3M ESPE is a chromatic alginate impression material used to make preliminary impressions of the dental arches for the fabrication of indirect prostheses and other purposes. They are manufactured by 3M& trusted technology and deliver reliable impressions. This alginate impression material is biocompatible in accordance with ISO 10993 International Safety Testing Standards. It is mint flavoured to increase patient comfort while making impressions. The impressions made used 3M Alginate have excellent reproducibility and resistance to tear.

Mix ratio:-

  • Powder:-2 scoops(18gms)
  • Liquid: 1 measure(40ml)
  • To measure the powder, please fill the powder measure and level it without compressing.
  • Please note color changes during process


  • Temporary restorations
  • Study models
  • Opposing dentitions


  • Alginate impression material                                            3m espe
  • Chromatic setting
  • Adequate working time
  • Biocompatible
  • Mint flavoured


1 x 250 gm

1 x 500 g


  • Take the powder and water in appropriate ratio(powder:liquid- 2:1)
  • Mix with spatula.Stroke mixture against bowl walls.
  • Load mixture to tray

Mixing and Working Parameters

 Initial stage



 Early mixing 


 35 seconds

 Late mixing

 Light Pink

 Load to tray


30 seconds

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