Waldent Ultra Violet - UV Chamber 12 Trays

Waldent Ultra Violet - UV Chamber 12 Trays

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Waldent introduces Ultra Violet Chambers with advanced technology and enhanced ability for maintaining the sterilization after the instruments have been sterilized by autoclave or sterilizer.

It is equipped with high quality Ultraviolet Light for its effective functioning.

Waldent Wal-Cab UV Chamber is epoxy coated Ultraviolet chamber with 12 tray capacity.


  • Ultra violet Sterilizer can be effectively installed at different places like Operation theatre, ICCU, ICU, NICU. Post operative wards, trauma wards, mortuary etc.
  • It is suitable for small laboratories where bacteria-free air is desired.
  • Physicians clinic to guard against cross infections from patients.

Chamber Dimension:

  •  Inner -12 Trays - 300 X 190 X 510 mm
  • Outer - 12 tray: 12 x 21 x 8 inches


1. Design

Fine Epoxy powder coated matte finish

The inner chamber is made with rust proof stainless steel bright mirror finish sheet which reflects the UV rays to pass uniformly through entire work surface area within the cabinet

2. Trays

12 plastic autoclavable trays

3. Light

Works with UV Light source

4. Door

Magnetic gasket on the door seals the chamber

Micro door switch immediately cuts off the UV source when the door is opened, preventing accidental UV exposure.

5. Rust Free

Corrosion Resistant 


  • Manufacturer/Importer warranty of 6 months as applicable for this product.
  • (NO WARRANTY on UV Light, Glass or other internal electrical parts)
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product (Currently OnSpot Services only available in Delhi/NCR )


  • 1 unit with 12 trays (Autoclavable Plastic Trays)