Waldent Premium Plus LED Airotor (WL-EDTU)

Waldent Premium Plus LED Airotor (WL-EDTU)

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Waldent Premium Plus LED Airotor is designed to facilitate user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients.

The specially designed head size and customized light positioning contribute to a specialized level of visibility and maneuverability for users.



Used for cavity preparation, removal of tooth structure and margin creation.



  • LED lamp, shadowless lighting.
  • Clear view with white led illumination.
  • Push-button system.
  • Integral stainless steel body.
  • Lightweight.
  • Resistance to scratch.
  • Integrated machining & forming head.
  • Strong power.
  • Low Noise with enhanced cutting efficiency.
  • 3-Holes water spray for efficient cooling.


Light & Water Spray


  • A unique electric generator, just a  little air can generate sufficient power. 
  • Self-illumination without connecting circuit to provide shadow-free illumination.
  • The integration of a generator in the coupling enables the use of these airotors with light on the turbine hose without any power supply.
  • 4 jets water spray for effective cooling of bur and treating contact surface.



Push-button cartridge


  • Push-button cartridge to change bur, easy and convenient.
  • Highly durable and well balanced.
  • Easy to maintain.






  • Ceramic ball bearing in the handpiece with light ensures vibration-free and quiet operation and also provides long service life.



Ergonomic Design


  • High-grade material with a stylish design.



Bordon 2-Hole


  • Bordon 2-Hole connection for better Compatibility.
Key Specifications


Operating Pressure0.25MPa-0.3Mpa
Air Consumption55L/min
Chucking Power20-45N
Speed for Super Torque head350,000 rpm



  • Autoclavable at 135℃ to avoid cross-infection.



  • Brush off excess dirt & wipe clean with alcohol-soaked cloth.
  • Insert the handpiece in a sterilization pouch & seal it.
  • Autoclave for 20min. at 121°C or 15min. at 132°C.
  • 1 x Airotor Handpiece
  • 1 x Key
  • Instruction Manual

For Waldent Premium Plus LED Airotor Cartridge:

  • 1 Year Warranty on Handpiece Tubing
  • 3 Months Warranty on Cartridge & Bearings
  • 3 Months Warranty on LED Light
  • Physical Damage is not covered in any case
  • Service and Warranty are handled by the manufacturer/importer directly for this product
  • Dentalkart will not be liable to replace the Products and the liability to replace any such Product is that of the Manufacturer/Importer
  • Dentalkart and the Buyer acknowledge that the Products purchased/usedare a subject matter of original Manufacturer/Importer’s warranties only
  • Any or all claims in relation to returns and replacement shall be made to the concerned Manufacturer/Importer only and Dentalkart may assist the customer in registering a request to get the Product replaced or serviced. 
  • The Buyer acknowledges that the Products once sold will not be exchanged or taken back unless the seal of the package or the Product is intact or not altered in any manner or is not tampered as the case may be.


1. How does the bur retention mechanism work in this airoter ?

Ans - The Spinder and chuck are separate and a chuck is a single assembly. The push-button is used to open and close the chucking mechanism. This is very easy to use and time-saving.

2. How is the quality of the water jet? 

Ans - The water jet quality is excellent as Waldent Premium Plus LED Airotor (WL-EDTU) helps to keep the prepared tooth cool and helps to evacuate debris from the work field. 


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