Waldent EndoPro 2.0 Endomotor with Apex Locator

Waldent EndoPro 2.0 Endomotor with Apex Locator

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Endomotor with built-in Apex Locator

Endomotor with built-in Apex Locator

WALDENT EndoPro 2.0

An endomotor with a built-in Apex Locator, which saves space as well as time while performing Root Canal Therapy. The endomotor and apex locator functions can be used separately or together, by the click of a button , as per the choice of the dentist. This device is a delight to Endolovers as it eliminates the need for individual devices for working length determination and root canal shaping. With 5 working modes, 6 functions and 9 adjustable programes, EndoPro 2.0 gives you the full control to achieve the desired results with precision. 



M1: Only Root-Canal Length Measuring Mode

M2: Only Root-Canal Enlargement Mode

M3: Reciprocating Mode

M4: Both Root-Canal Length Measuring & Enlargement Mode

M5: Both Reciprocation & Length Measuring Mode



- Reciprocating Motion
- Automatic Decelration in Apical Zone
- Automatic Inversion and Stopping in Apical Zone
- Automatic Start/Stop of Motor
- Automatic Inverion of Torque
- Both Root-Canal Length Measuring & Enlargement 

    • Features

      1) Motor

      Ultraprecise motor originating in Germany, low noise and less vibration

      2) Screen

      Large colorful OLED screen, all angles visible

      3) Modes

      5 working modes: Alone root-canal length measuring, Alone root-canal enlargement, Reciprocating rotary motion , Both root-canal length measuring & enlargement


      Six functions: Multi-Frequency length measuring skill, Normal enlargement, Automatic inversion in apical zone, Reciprocating motion, Automatic deceleration in apical zone, Automatic start/stop of motor and Both Reciprocating and length measuring.

      6) Accessories

      Main accessories include: Contra-angle handpiece, File clips, Lip hooks and Measuring files, which can be sterilized at high temperature and pressure to avoid cross infection



    Battery: 7.2V/1400mAh

    Adapter: 100V~240V  0.8A 50Hz/60Hz

    Revolving speed: 200~600rpm

    Torsion: 0.6~4.0N.cm

    Buzzer alert: The buzzer will alert when the file is less than 2mm closed to the apex


    1 Year Warranty against the manufacturing defect


    • Contrangle Handpiece - 1 
    • Motor Controller- 1
    • File Clip - 2
    • Adapter - 1
    • E-Lip Hook - 2
    • Measuring File - 2
    • Sillicon Cover for C/A Handpiece - 5
    • Measuring Wire - 1
    • Single-Head Measuring Wire - 1
    • Instruction Manual - 1

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