Vissco Neoprene Collar with 6 Bioflex Magnet

₹620.00 ₹728.00

Vissco Neoprene Collar with 6 Bioflex MagnetKey Specification:Soft Support Ergonomic Fit..


Rigid Support Ergonomic Fit

₹406.00 ₹471.00

In many walking disorders or conditions of impaired balance, one often needs an elbow crutch. It's kind of like having a shoulder to lean on, all the time, that you can trust blindly. This product in particular increases the base of the support as well as provides a movable insert pulley making it easier to use than other crutches. It is designed t..


Vissco Arm Board - Adult

₹493.00 ₹551.00

Vissco Arm Board - Adult..


Vissco Arm Board - Child

₹457.00 ₹506.00

Vissco Arm Board - Child..


Vissco Back Rest Pad

₹265.00 ₹300.00

Vissco Back Rest PadKey Specification: Light weight Portable Back restFeatures:Light weight and portable back rest which gives spinal support when placed on any chair, auto seat, sofa, wheel chair, bed or on the floorIdeal for slip disc patientsReduces discomfort and pain after surgeryImproves posture when placed on poorly designed chairs..


Vissco Blood Pressure Cuff - Child

₹113.00 ₹137.00

16%Vissco Blood Pressure Cuff - Child..


Vissco Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant

₹101.00 ₹124.00

Vissco Blood Pressure Cuff - Infant..


Vissco Cervical Collar Regular

₹225.00 ₹250.00

Having a 'Pain-in-the-neck' is never a good thing. Cervical Collars do their best to ensure you feel relief from pain as soon as possible as they provide warmth and support to the neck region. Their comfortable support stabilizes the cervical spine which is just what you need. In this product the scientifically designed chin support further ensures..


Vissco Cervical Collar Soft

₹225.00 ₹250.00

Spending prolonged hours in front of the computer or on the drivers seat? Exerting your neck like that may not be such a good idea. If you have strained your neck in some way however, our Soft Cervical Collar ensures you feel relief from pain as soon as possible as it provides warmth and support to the neck region. It's comfortable support stabiliz..


Vissco Classic 8 inch Abdominal Belt

₹578.00 ₹678.00

Post a pregnancy or abdominal surgery, we often need the right post-operative support that helps in toning the abdomen muscles. This belt lifts and carries the extended abdomen providing proper support without squeezing and cramping. It is ideally suited for horizontal incisions of the lower, middle or upper abdomen.Key Specification:Skin Friendly ..


Vissco Classic Abdominal Maternity Binder

₹535.00 ₹629.00

The belt is recommended in cases of pregnancy, post operative support and in other cases of abdominal surgery. The belt is made from a cotton knitted elastic fabric with holes that allow the skin pores to breathe.Key Specification:Skin Friendly Soft Padding ..


Vissco Classic Air Ankle Brace

₹658.00 ₹775.00

The Vissco ankle stirrup brace supports medial and lateral ankle joints. It improves ankle stability during sports activities and helps to provide an extra level of support to help prevent ankle sprains.Key Specification:Rigid Support Universal Fit ..


Vissco Classic Ankle Binder

₹203.00 ₹224.00

The Vissco Elastic ankle binder provides support and stability to the ankle, further curtailing any swelling due to the compression offered. It is best used in the figure of eight for strong stability and support. It adjusts to and fits the ankle firmly and can be tightened or loosened as required. The hook and loop fasteners make it easy to adjust..


Vissco Classic Anklet Tubular

₹300.00 ₹340.00

The Vissco Elastic Tubular anklet provides compression, warmth and increase blood flow offering optimal support to the ankle joint. It is a seamless product with an open toe and open heel that ensure movement stays easy. It is made from skin friendly material and has a ventilating effect as the cotton knitted elastic releases sweat making the suppo..


Vissco Classic Arm Pouch Sling

₹250.00 ₹279.00

We often see shoulder dislocations in movies, but when it happens in reality, it really can be quite painful. This adjustable arm sling provides the relief you need by immobilizing the shoulder joint while allows recuperation from a fracture, sprain or injury. It could be used on the right or left aKey Specification: Soft Support Adjustab..


Vissco Classic Carpal Wrist Support

₹737.00 ₹871.00

Vissco Classic Carpal Wrist SupportKey Specification: Supports wrist in anatomical position Strain or sprain of wrist muscles Post plaster cast removal..


Vissco Classic Cast Shoes

₹378.00 ₹436.00

For people that have had their leg in a plaster before, they know one of the greatest challenges is wearing any shoe that fits the plastered leg. Vissco brings you cast shoes, which are made for that very same purpose. They provide firmness and orthopaedic support to the ankle. They prevent the plaster from chipping, cracking or soiling and facilit..


Vissco Classic Cervical Pillow

₹613.00 ₹720.00

Vissco Classic Cervical Pillow - Regular - A stiff neck, mild sprain or cervical spondylitis can often find the need to pick up the right cervical pillow. This pillow has been moulded from high density polyurethane foam that ensures the pillow won't lose shape even after prolonged use. It's scientific design maintains the neck in slight hyperextens..


Vissco Classic Cervical Traction Cord

₹135.00 ₹140.00

Vissco Classic Cervical Traction CordKey Specification: Cervical pain Fracture cervical vertebrae..


Vissco Classic Cervical Traction Headholder

₹260.00 ₹291.00

Vissco Platinum Lymphoedema Arm SleevesKey Specification: Skin Friendly Cotton Elastic Ergonomic Fit..

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