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Api Instruments Sterlization Cassette

₹980.00 ₹1,700.00

Sterlization CassetteAPI Instruments Sterlization CassetteWARRANTY:6 Months warranty against RustPACKAGING:Pack of 6 Files..


Bien Air Lubricare

₹192,520.00 ₹214,000.00

Lubricare Sterlizing UnitQuick, simple and economic - this perfectly sums up the Lubricare maintenance device, when used with Bien-Air's Spraynet and Lubrifluid products, with each spray specifically designed for a phase in the maintenance cycle: Spraynet, for dissolving impurities and cleaning the instrument both inside and out, and Lubrifluid, fo..


Capri Bur Sterilizer

₹160.00 ₹225.00

Capri Bur SterilizerDescriptions: Securely holds FG. RA, HP burs, diamonds & other small items, preventing their loss. Also holds crown & bridges that are placed in ultrasonic cleaner for cement removal. Autoclave cotton pellets. Stainless Steel design for use in all types of autoclaves.Packaging1 PieceWarrantyThis product does not car..


Dental Avenue Avue Sterilization Reels

₹895.00 ₹1,090.00

Sterilization ReelDental Avenue Avue Sterilization ReelsPACKAGING:200m Per Reel..


Green Guava Heat Seal Sterilisation Reel

₹826.00 ₹930.00

Green Guava Heat Seal Sterilisation ReelFEATURES:Certified medical grade paperSpecially designed for autoclavesSuitable for both steam and ETO sterilizationMeets EN868-5 requirements for European standards of sterilizationNo shrinkage - retort grade CPP films usedAll different sizes in reels availableKEY SPECIFICATION: No shrinkage S..


Green Guava Self Seal Sterilization Pouch

₹266.00 ₹366.00

Green Guava Self Seal Sterilization Pouch available in six variants.Green Guava Sterilization Pouch 57mm X 100mmGreen Guava Sterilization Pouch 75mm X 230mmGreen Guava Sterilization Pouch 90mm X 230mmGreen Guava Sterilization Pouch 100mm X 270mmGreen Guava Sterilization Pouch 135mm X 270mmGreen Guava Sterilization Pouch 305mm X 380mmKEY SPECIFICATI..


Libral Sterilization Rolls 200 Mts

₹1,255.00 ₹1,300.00

Flat Sterilization Rolls are made of heavy weight 60 gsm white medical grade paper coupled with a light blue polyester / polypropelene layer of 53 gsm. Suitable for Steam or ETO Gas (ethylene Oxide) sterilization. An economical & convenient way for packaging extra large, wide or long products...


Life Steriware Autoclave + UV Chamber (Free Surface Disinfector)

₹11,745.00 ₹13,500.00

Life Autoclave + UV Chamber [SteriCab] NON-RETURNABLE PRODUCTSLIFE DENTAL AUTOCLAVE & UV CABINETSteriClave & SteriCab Combo Life Top loading Autoclave with 60-minute Rotary TimerCapacity - 11 litersDrum Size: 8 x 8 inchesLife Steriware Stericab Ultra Violet Storage Cabinet (Wall Mountable) is a compact ultraviolet storag..


Life Steriware Electric Portable Steam Dentalclave

₹6,125.00 ₹7,535.00

Electric Portable Steam AutoclaveLife Steriware Electric Portable Steam Dentalclave( Without Drum) DRUM SIZE:10/11L - 8 x 8 inches21L - 11 x 9 inches24L - 2 x 11 x 5 inchesFeatures:All Aluminum deep drawn Seamless construction.Light compact portable easy to use top loading autoclave.The Intelloclave offers fast & silent sterilization cycle..


Life Steriware Steritray Sterilizing Cassettes

₹1,110.00 ₹1,755.00

Sterilizing CassettesLife SteriTrays also know as Sterilization Cassette s a safe way to handle instruments, it securely retains instruments in a perforated housing. SteriTrays are fabricated in stainless steel 304 and equipped with silicone inserts. SteriTrays are available in various design patterns at most competitive prices. These cassettes are..


Maarc Glass Beads

₹208.00 ₹550.00

Glass BeadsA method used for sterilizing the working ends of endodontic files and reamers or small dental instrument tips by placing them in a container containing glass beads heated to approximately 225°C (437°F) for a defined period of time.Benefits:-It is soft and tacky for boxing in impressions.Adheres easily to most of the surfaces.KEY SPECIFI..


Oro Disposable Barrier Envelope

₹625.00 ₹1,000.00

Disposable Barrier Envelope For IOPA StorageEnvelope protects the phosphor storage plates from mechanical damage as well as information loss caused by ambient light.It helps to reduce cross contamination.It keeps the phosphor storage plate clean.Consistent seal and tear off provided by the peel and stick end.packaging:size 1100 pcs/box ..


Oro Self Sealing Sterilization Pouches

₹297.00 ₹500.00

Sterilization PouchesFeatures and Benefits:Assured sterility of sterilization pouches is controlled by 3 sterilization parameters: time, temperature and presence of steam in accordance with ISO standards and CDC infection control guides.Triple Seal, Triple Heat Process.Blue Tinted Transparent Film of PET and CPP.Medical Dialysis Paper.Wide Self-Sea..


Oro Sterilization Indicator Tape

₹598.00 ₹1,000.00

Sterilization Indicator TapeSelf-adhesive tape with impregnated paper backing appropriately made for closing packaging which contains materials have to be exposed to steam autoclave sterilization process, and for distinguishing the processed packs from the unprocessed. The main idea of using the indicator tapes becomes mandatory when the special in..



₹815.00 ₹1,250.00

Sterilization ReelsEasy identification of contents through the transparent, puncture resistant, non-tearing, blue tinted plastic film.Provides visual confidence that sterilization is achieved and maintained.Strong and secure side seal protects against instrument breaching.High quality porous medical grade paper.Clean, fibre-free separation of paper..


S4 Hand Sanitizer & Disinfectant

₹1,350.00 ₹2,500.00

Features  Instantly kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria and provides effective protection.Acts as a natural disinfectant and has anti-bacterial, anti-septic and astringent properties.Cleanses and moisturizes Hands and does not dry skin.Dries swiftly and ensures hygiene.Kills germs without the use of soap and water.DescriptionTrust Advanc..

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Shofu Endo Sterilization Bur Box

₹1,940.00 ₹1,950.00

ENDO STATION is Aluminium Organizer for Endodontic Instruments Designed for Autoclaving Endodontic Instruments ( Made in Shofu )...


Waldent Sealing Machine

₹7,990.00 ₹25,000.00

Sterilization roll Sealing MachineSealing machines are used for sealing the sterilization pouches.High quality stainless steel fashionable body.With extra blad,easy to replace.Attractive plastic bodyFashion design,with safety insulationEasy to replace the bladeExternal standard surgical knife bladeIt consists of medical paper and polypropylene laye..

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