Shofu Composite Polishing Kit (Ca) + Shofu Finishing Kit (Fg) Combo

Shofu Composite Polishing Kit (Ca) + Shofu Finishing Kit (Fg) Combo

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    Polishing Kit*
    Shofu Composite Polishing Kit Ca
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    Finishing Kit*
    Shofu Composite Finishing Kit Fg


    • Shofu Composite Polishing Kit CA is Designed for finishing and polishing all types of composites.
    • Dura-Green silicon carbide stones for adjusting
    • Dura-White aluminum oxide stones for finishing
    • CompoSite silicone points are impregnated with aluminum oxide for polishing
    • CompoSite Fine silicone points are impregnated with zirconia for fine polishing
    • Contra-Angle kit
    • A comprehensive assortment of stones and impregnated silicone polishers for finishing and polishing of composites and glass ionomers


    • The durable abrasive points are autoclavable and cost-effective.
    • Comprehensive selection of points for finishing and polishing in one kit
    • For fast and efficient finishing the use of Composite Finishing Kit FG is recommended in conjunction with the Composite Polishing kit.
    • Recommended average speed:
      Dura Green Stones- 5,000 – 20,000 rpm
      Dura White Stones- 5,000 – 20,000 rpm
      Composite Polishers- 10,000 – 12,000 rpm
      Composite Fine Polishers- 10,000 – 12,000 rpm


    Polishing Kit

    • Dura-Green Stones CA -1 each CN1 and FL2 – for reduction of excess material
    • Dura-White Stones CA -1 each CN1 and FL2 – for finishing
    • CompoSite Polishers CA -2 each Bullet, Knife, Wheel – for Pre-Polishing
    • CompoSite Fine Polishers CA-1 each Cup, Disk – for Polishingwithout damaging enamel

    Finishing Kit

    • Dura-Green stones (3 CN1, 3 FL2), Dura-White stones (3 CN1, 3 FL2)


    • 1 x Shofu Composite Finishing Kit Fg
    • 1 x Shofu Composite Polishing Kit Ca