Shofu Coat-It Resin Coat 6ml

Shofu Coat-It Resin Coat 6ml

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  • Light Cured Resin Bond

  • Features :

    • Remarkably Natural Surface Gloss With Just 10 Seconds Of Cure
    • High Degree Of Surface Cure With Minimal Residual Monomer
    • Seals, Protects And Strengthens Surface Of Glass Ionomers, Provisional Restoration And Direct Resins
    • Remarkable Wear And Stain Resistance For Restorations That Remain Stable Over Time
    • Exceptionally Strong And Durable Bond To Various Substrates- To Enamel, Dentin, Glass Ionomer And Resins With Virtually No Gap


    COAT-IT is a light-cured self-adhesive resin coat designed to provide a strong and protective seal on the surface of Glass Ionomers, provisionals and direct resins for enhanced mechanical properties, durability and aesthetics of the restoration. All it takes is a thin layer of COAT-IT (LED / Halogen) to significantly decrease the surface roughness on the Glass Ionomer restoration and boost its strength.

    Key Specifications

    Remarkable stain resistance(Virtually no colour difference ΔE)
    Immersion in 1.0% Rhodamine solution at 37°C for 24 hours
    Strength & Durability - Enhanced with just a coat of Coat It!
    Recommended Light Curing Time (immediately after application):
    Curing Unit  HalogenLED
    Curing Time10 sec.10 sec.
    Wavelength400 - 500 nm440 - 490 nm
    Light intensityMin. 500 mW/cm2 or moreMax. 1000 mw/cm2 or more


    •  1 x 6ml (6.6gm) Bottle