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Septodont Acroseal

₹5,080.00 ₹5,184.00

Septodont Acroseal Permanent root canal sealerFEATURES & BENEFITSAdheres to the canal walls and gutta percha points for an excellent sealing of root canals.Advanced epoxy matrix containing calcium hydroxide helps to improve peri-apical healing.Zero solubility in water minimizes risk of root canal treatment failures.Compatible with all gutt..


Septodont Alveogyl

₹2,245.00 ₹2,268.00

Septodont Alveogyl for Post Extraction DressingINDICATIONSDry socket treatment.features:Provides a soothing effect on the alveolar tissues thus helping to rapidly alleviate the painConvenient and easy-to-use: Alveogyl is a one step, self-eliminating treatment requiring no suturing and no special attention other than observation of the healing proce..


Septodont Aseptol SA Ultra 5L

₹9,450.00 ₹8,000.00

5L Bottle with dosing pumpCleaning and disinfection for suction unitsFEATURES & BENEFITSAldehyde-free formulaDissolves saliva, blood and organic materials from suction lines (saliva ejector, surgical aspiration)Bactericidal in 5 min, 2%, 20°C : EN 1040, EN 13727, EN 14561. ..


Septodont Biodentine

₹1,255.00 ₹1,800.00

BioActive Dentine SubstituteIn the crown: temporary enamel restoration, permanent dentine restoration, deep or large carious lesions, deep cervical or radicular lesions, pulp capping, pulpotomy.In the root: root and furcation perforations, internal/external resorptions, apexification, retrograde surgical filling.FEATURES & BENEFITS:Versatile us..

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Septodont Cimpat Rose

₹860.00 ₹864.00

25 g glass jar.Temporary restoration.FEATURES & BENEFITSAdheres to dentine, expands slightly during setting and hardens rapidly to ensure hermetical seal. ..


Septodont Decident sleeves

₹790.00 ₹1,000.00

Septodont Decident in Box of 24 disposable sleevesDisinfection of handpieces, contra-angles and turbinesFEATURES & BENEFITSBactericidal in 15 mn: EN 14561Mycobactericidal in 15 mn: EN 14563 (Mycobacterium terrae, Mycobacterium avium)Fungicidal in 15 mn: EN 14562 ..


Septodont Detartrine

₹678.00 ₹700.00

Polishing PasteRs.700.00Polishing after scaling and root planningPolishing of fillings and dental surfacesfeatures:Mechanical abrasive action due to the presence of silicaPleasant taste and feeling of freshness thanks to the essential oils ..


Septodont Dimenol Spray for Impression

₹445.00 ₹492.00

Septodont Dimenol Spray 200 ml spray bottle.Disinfection of impression materials (alginate, silicone).FEATURES & BENEFITSNo significant effect on dimensional stability of impressions.Compatible with casting materials.Bactericidal: NF EN 13727.Yeasticidal: NF EN 13624...


Septodont Endocal

₹3,195.00 ₹1,296.00

SEPTODONT EndocalRoot canal decontamination.Temporary root canal filling.Key Specifications:Calcium Hydroxide PasteBactericidal actionEasy removal before final obturation4g Syringe ..


Septodont Endomethasone N ( Liquid+Powder )

₹2,848.00 ₹3,000.00

ZOE Based SealerZinc oxide eugenol-based endodontic cementINDICATION:Permanent and sealing in dental procedures with systematic insertion of Gutta-Percha points.FEATURES:Radiopaque for easy short & long-term follow up.Neither resorbable after setting nor retractable to allow stable obturation.Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties to r..


Septodont Endosolv

₹625.00 ₹670.00

Septodont Endosolv Solvent For Eugenol Based Sealer And Gutta PerchaRoot canal desobturation. FEATURES & BENEFITSHelps to remove zinc-oxide eugenol-based root canal sealers.High softening potency for a time saving and efficient desobturation. ..


Septodont Fluocal Gel (Topical Application)

₹585.00 ₹900.00

Septodont Fluocal Gel -Topical FluorideMainly indicated in children with Rampant Dental CariesFor Local Use in the Mouth Only.FEATURES & BENEFITSProphylactic Agents Of Dental Caries.PRESENTATIONDental Gel for Topical Application- bottle Containing Septodont..


Septodont Gelopack

₹2,960.00 ₹3,824.00

3 x blisters of 10 sponges (10 x 10 x 10 mm) sterilized by gamma radiations.INDICATIONSLocal haemostasis after dental surgical procedures.FEATURES & BENEFITSSterile, insoluble in water and fully resorbable.With a porous structure that allows the product to absorb more than 40 times its own weight of blood and fluids. ..


Septodont Hydrol

₹297.00 ₹400.00

Dehydrating SolutionRs.400.00Dental preparation degreasingRoot canal dehydrationFEATURES & BENEFITSRemoves moisture and traces of grease prior to restorative proceduresDehydrates and degreases root canal before obturation. ..


Septodont Isodan

₹2,245.00 ₹2,400.00

Septodont Isodan DesensitizerTreatment of dentinal hypersensitivity.FEATURES & BENEFITSClinically proven, long term relief for patient.Forms a barrier within the dentine tubules and prevents movement of the intratubular fluid.Contains sodium fluoride which reinforces enamel/dentine barrier. ..


Septodont Lignospan Special (50 Cartridges)

₹1,895.00 ₹2,000.00

Septodont Lignospan Special (50 Cartridges)-Local AnaesthesiaINDICATIONSLocal or loco-regional dental anesthesiaFEATURES & BENEFITSNo-methylparaben formulation to avoid allergic reactions on sensitive patients.Terminal sterilization of product/cartridges by the Gold Standard method for Health Authorities around the world.100% latex-freePACKAGIN..


Septodont Lignospan-O Anaesthetic Ointment (JAR OF 35G)

₹435.00 ₹550.00

Septodont Lignospan-O Anaesthetic Ointment (JAR OF 35G)Topical Anaesthetic OintmentTopical Anaesthetic Ointmentfeatures:Amide-based topical anaesthetic designed to improve patiPackaging:35gm Jar..


Septodont Marieflex

₹275.00 ₹297.00

INDICATIONSAccurate impression for case study and orthodontic models, fabrication of models for mouth guards, provisional restorations, bleaching trays, Partial denture frameworks and occlusal splint appliancesFEATURES & BENEFITSMarieflex is the “Normal” setting Alginate to adapt to different clinical situationsClass A alginates for accurate im..


Septodont Neogenate Impression Paste

₹499.00 ₹525.00

Naturally hydrophilicZincoxide Impression PastePrecise function impression for edentulous patients, prosthetic relining, baseplate stabilization during occlusal impression.FEATURES & BENEFITSThe pink paste obtained from the two mother pastes brings a fluid consistency allowin precise reproduction of all the mucosis details.Naturally hydrophilic..


Septodont Plastalgin & Plastalgin-Chromatic

₹278.00 ₹300.00

Alginate Impression MaterialsPlastalgin is a multi-purpose, dust-free alginate impression material that works quickly and easily. Plastalgin creates a mixed creamy homogenous consistency without excessive flowPlastalgin is ideal for:MouthguardsBleaching traysProvisionalsCase study materialsOrthodontic modelsOpposing modelsIndicationsImpression..

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