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3m Espe Express Xt Putty Soft

₹3,912.00 ₹4,570.00

Great detail reproduction through superior hydrophilicity and flow behaviourDistortion-free removal from the mouth due to excellent toughnessResults from a Europe-wide market survey show high overall customer satisfaction with the Express™ XT VPS materials tested. When asked for the major advantages, dentists most often mentioned precise detail rep..

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3m Espe Imprint Ii Garant Light Body

₹4,640.00 ₹5,140.00

Imprint Light Body3M ESPE Imprint Light Body has Void-free and homogenous mix when used with the Pentamix™ Mixing Unit. It does not drip or slump and Easy to remove from mouth. Automatic mixing and Dispensing with the Garant Dispenser. Vinyl polysiloxane impression material has proven reliability. Indications include crown, bridge, inlay,..


3m Espe Monophase Polyether Impression Material

₹4,852.00 ₹5,408.00

Polyether Impression MaterialThe new 3M™ ESPE™ (Soft) Monophase Polyether Impression Material with its bright colour means enhanced readability for you. And your patients will enjoy its fresh mint flavour and appreciate how easily the impression can be removed from the mouth. 3M ESPE (Soft) Monophase impression material helps you create highly deta..


Ammdent D Hydral

₹240.00 ₹292.00

D-HYDRAL Dehydrating and degresing agent for cavities and canal. Content : 30mlPackaging:1 x 30 ml Bottle..


Ammdent Flurosolve (For Hypersensitivity)

₹390.00 ₹535.00

Fluoro solve is a viscous desensitizing solution COMPOSITION OF FLUOROSOLVE:2% Sodium FluorideINDICATION:Dentinal hypersensitivity.FEATURES:Provides immediate resultsWorks quickly and effectively against sensitivity caused by toothbrushing, thermal or chemical effects, exposed tooth necks, or bleaching.PACKAGING:1 x13ml Bottle..


Ammdent Megafrost

₹2,490.00 ₹3,000.00

Ammdent MegafrostFrost is a very effective economical etching gel  indicated for enamel etching and dentin Conditioning Frost is available in 3.5 gm.COMPOSITION:37% Orthophosphoric Acid GelINDICATIONS:Composite restorationsAdhesive cementation of inlays (composite and allceramic), crowns, bridges, veneers, adhesive bridges, and posts and cores..


Ammdent Provar

₹75.00 ₹110.00

Ammdent is acetone based varnish.INDICATIONS:Used during cavity preparation to prevent post op hypersensitivity.Features:Protection of the teeth from cariesEnhances the esthetics of the tooth shade.Packaging:1 x 30mL Bottle..


Ammdent Ultra White Bleaching Gel

₹745.00 ₹1,055.00

Bleaching Gel22 % Carbamide Peroxide for Home Bleach and 35% for Bleach.DIRECTIONS TO USE:PLEASE NOTE:Kindly consult your before using HOME BLEACH , however the instructions mentioned below can be followed under the guidance of ONLY!It is important that you apply the gel properly so you do not waste any of the gel and that you experience the l..


Api Matrix Retainer/Toefflemire

₹355.00 ₹450.00

Matrix RetainerAPI Matrix Retainer/ToefflemireWARRANTY:6 Months warranty against RustPACKAGING:1 Unit..


Apple Dental Airrotor Handpiece (Improved)

₹2,088.00 ₹3,000.00

Head Size : StandarHead Fitting : Two Holes / NormalFittingWater Spray : SingleBur Size : 1.59 mm - 1.60 mmAir Pressure :0.18-0.21MPaSpeed : 350000-400000rpmFEATURES:StylishGood Quality CartridgeAnti-retraction function:three holes on the head to maintain airflow, also when the dental unit is stopped,the dirt can come out under the air pressure of ..


Bur Block Box

₹100.00 ₹180.00

 Excellent quality Bur Block Box with 30 holes helps to store burs for easy searchingMade up of Good Quality Plastic.INDICATION :Used to place the high-speed burs and low-speed burs for dental use.ADVANTAGE :The bur holder with 30 holes and can be placed.Using eco-friendly material and with a simple appearance.Helps store burs for easy se..


Bur Box - 24 Holes

₹150.00 ₹250.00

 Bur Box - 24 HolesKEY SPECIFICATION: Contains 24 holes Easy to open Hassle freeFEATURES:Made from high quality plastic.It comes with 24 holes.Easy to open, hassle free while operating.For organizingendodontic instruments.Package Contents: 1 Pc..

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Coltene Fill-Up

₹4,035.00 ₹4,800.00

Coltene Fill-Up Dual Curing Bulk CompositeIN A SINGLE STEP TO GIVE A PERFECT RESULT!Fill-Up! is a dual curing medium viscous bulk composite of the newest generation applied in a single step.It combines the advantages of resin-based composites with a simplified and time-efficient handling. Owing to its dual curing properties, fillings with Fill-Up! ..

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Coltene Magic Foamcord Intro Kit

₹6,885.00 ₹8,173.00

Coltene Magic Foamcord Intro KitIt is the first expanding PVS material designed for easy and fast retraction of the sulcus without the potentially traumatic and time consuming packing of retraction cord. PVS material.Packaging:Each intro kit contains 2x50 ml. 30 mixing tips. 30 oral tips. Comprecap Set..


Coltene NT Premium Composite Kit

₹5,015.00 ₹8,185.00

Coltene NT Premium Composite KitReason for choosing NT PremiumMulti Purpose universal Nano composites.Easy Technique -Pick a shade and use itAttractive restorations with ease - Superior blending effectNot sticky - But stays where you place it (Even classics)Higher filler content and lower polymerization shrinkageCompanion bond with longterm clinica..


Coltene Spec 3 Led Curing Light

₹77,600.00 ₹135,966.00

  LED Curing Light FEATURES:3 Distinct Power Modes Ergonomic lightweight design High intensity output for rapid polymerization Intuitive and simple controls for ease of use The  S.P.E.C. 3 defines performance without compromise. Chair time can be effectively reduced due to rapid and deep polymerization on var..


Craig's Restorative Dental Materials 13th Edition

₹615.00 ₹775.00

Author:John M. Powers,Ronald L. SakaguchiHighlight:Language: EnglishBinding: PaperbackPublisher: ElsevierGenre: MedicalISBN: 9788131232705, 8131232700Spacification:ContributorsAuthorRonald L. Sakaguchi, John M. PowersDimensionsHeight10.24Length7.24 inPackaging:1 book..


D-Tech Lute Glass Gic

₹340.00 ₹525.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementGlass Ionomer Luting CementProvides excellent adhesion of prosthesis with dentine.Releases fluoride.Low post operative sensitivity. PACKAGE CONTENTSPowder : 15gmLiquid : 13gmPACKAGING:Powder : 15gm Liquid : 13gm..


Diadent D-Lux Led Light Cure

₹18,525.00 ₹21,000.00

Diadent D-Lux Led Light CureD-Lux is a new advanced cordless LED curing light. Made from the highest quality aluminum, D-Lux dissipates heat quickly to prevent overheating problem so that it can produce the maximum light intensity safely and consistently. With its lightweight and ergonomic design, D-Lux is easy to use and highly portable. Its ..


Diadent E-Temp

₹232.00 ₹300.00

Temporary Restorative MaterialE-Temp is a hydraulic temporary filling material for standard cavities and post-endodontic treatmentsINDICATIONS:Temporary restorations - especially inlay restorationseTemporary filling and sealingeTemporary filling of implant sitesFEATURES:Adheres to dentin, expands slightly during setting and hard..

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