Dental Orthodontic Jaw Model

₹1,815.00 ₹2,500.00

Orthodontic Jaw Model:Demo traction of teeth crowding with metal bracketsIncludes teeth hopp for correcting the malocclusionA great help for dentist studying and doing research on orthodontic treatmentA complete demo of separators, ligature ties, buckle tubes, bands ect.Dental Teeth Implant Model:Model with Bone and CariesIdeal for implant treatmen..


Pyrax Dental Apex Locator

₹10,999.00 ₹12,000.00

We offer portable size Apex Locator with self-calibration. It easily fits in any tooth environment and works will in both dry and wet canals such as blood, hypochlorite, saline, etc. Dental Apex Locator that we offer is included with beep alarm to indicate the apex when the display number on the LCD is below 2 mm, adjustable volume of the..


Pyrax Polishing Brushes

₹1,485.00 ₹2,000.00

Bristle brushes are used in the prophylaxis angle with a polishing paste.The use of the brush should be confined to the crown to avoid injury to the gingival and cementum...


Pyrax A1 Super Torque Push Button High Speed Airotor

₹1,900.00 ₹3,500.00

Super Torque  Push Button High Speed HandpieceFeatures :High speed handpiece is composed by cover component, impeller component and main unitLow noise, high reliabilityShaft core consist of impeller and bearing makes the replacement easy.Two holes or four holes connectors meet the needs of different users.Spring clamping part is high precision..


Pyrax Air Prophy Unit

₹1,980.00 ₹2,600.00

Air Prophy UnitErgo comfort, extremely light weight design & well considered weight balance for easy handling, thus, minimized hand & wrist fatigue.Smooth 360 degree swivel.Simple one touch connection.Twin nozzle system for improved polishing power.Provide patients teeth pearl like appearance by sprinkling cleansing powder over patients tee..


Pyrax Base Plate

₹135.00 ₹223.00

Pyrax Base Plate has optimum thickness for high mechanical strength.Base Plate is quite easy to manipulate and retains stable shape after heating.Packaging: (9 Upper/3 Lower)..


Pyrax Calcium Hydroxide Powder

₹50.00 ₹78.00

For temporary root filling.Pulp capping/Pulp protection.Provide insulation in deep cavities.Packaging:15 gm..


Pyrax Calicum Hydroxide Iodoform Paste

₹338.00 ₹900.00

Pyrax Calicum Hydroxide Iodoform PasteTreat infected root-canals and carries, as well as for deep-seated gingival pockets.It is water soluble and easily removable from the radiocular canal by simple irrigation.Used after root canal preparation, clean and dry the canal...


Pyrax Calicum Hydroxide With Barrium Sulphate

₹190.00 ₹480.00

Pyrax Calicum Hydroxide With Barrium SulphateTreatment of infected root canals in permanent teeths.Inderict pulp isolation for deep cavaties.Canal treatment of milk teeth and teeth for unformed roots.Packaging:2 syr x 1.5 gm..


Pyrax Carving Wax

₹91.00 ₹123.00

It is applied on crown and bridges and is appreciated for its tough, hard and bubble free attributes as well as it does not chip or flake.Carving Wax offer excellent polish while carving and it does not stick to the models and instruments.Available in fluorescent red, blue, natural and green colors...


Pyrax Cavibond

₹132.00 ₹325.00

Cavibond is a polymer reinforced Zinc oxide –Eugenol cement for temporary restorations.Material have excellent physical properties because of polymer resin used as reinforcing agent.Cavibond is quick set, easy to mix with high compressive and tensile strength, excellent abrasion resistance and low erosion...


Pyrax Cavity Varnish

₹49.00 ₹160.00

 Cavity Varnish Cavity Varnish is a copal resin based protective varnish for the insulation of the exposed dentine, reduces penetration of fluids into the tooth .Fluoride provides a thermal barrier for deep restorationsCavity Varnish is used as cavity liner and dentinal tubuli sealer.It assures perfect protection to the exp..

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Pyrax Cavityfil

₹2,030.00 ₹2,460.00

Cavityfil is a fine grain lathe cut NON GAMMA II alloy containing identical proportions of silver, tin and copper metals resulting in homogeneous amalgam.Due to high copper and 99.99% pure silver metal content alloy generates very high strength,Excellent working properties, setting time is optimum, easy to carve and adopt and high compressive stren..


Pyrax CB 10 Crown and Bridge Cold Cure Acryic Matiral

₹516.00 ₹634.00

CB-10 is used in acrylic crowns, bridge and tooth reproduction.This Crown Bridge Resin is used for matching with Vita shades system.CB-10 helps in quick setting, the colors used overall, are non toxic and do not wear out during usage...


Pyrax Contra Alegra Handpiece

₹3,300.00 ₹5,000.00

Features:Dental contra-angle handpiece with push-button chucking system for contra-angle bursMotor connection according to standard: ISO 3964Outer diameter of the sheath: 20 mmContra-angle handpiece 1:1Head height (with 19 mm bur): 20.8 mm..


Pyrax Copper Amalgam

₹215.00 ₹340.00

Copper amalgam is produced as small rectangular shaped pallets containing identical proportions of copper and mercury metal resulting in homogeneous amalgam.Due to high copper metal content alloy generates very high strength, excellent working properties, setting time is optimum, easy to carve and adopt.Surface finish has shiny luster with a high c..


Pyrax Dental Ceramic Bracket Kit

₹700.00 ₹2,000.00



Pyrax Dental Chair Compressor

₹18,150.00 ₹23,000.00

0.7 Hp30 Ltr Tank  ..


Pyrax Dental Modelling Wax

₹95.00 ₹153.00

Dental Modelling WaxDental Modelling WaxModeling Wax for Prosthetics Sheet of Pink / Red Wax for Modelling Denture Bases and Acrylic Saddle.CompositionBlend of Hydrocarbon Waxes, Colorant & Excipients.INDICATIONS:Vestibular parts of wax models of removable dentures pre -forms of jacket crownsmodelling of acrylic saddle supporting the teeth..


Pyrax Developer And Fixer Solution

₹158.00 ₹180.00

A Chemical solution fixer is used in the fixing process. remove the unexpossed,unenergized,silver hailder crystals from the film emulsion.Packaging:1 Bottle 226 ml..

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