Glass Ionomer Cements


3m Espe Ketac Molar Gi Filling Cement

₹1,845.00 ₹3,300.00

3m Espe Ketac Molar Gi Filling CementDescriptionFor decades, 3M ESPE has been the trailblazer in the glass ionomer success story. Just like you as a dentist, we see a real need for differentiated therapy. Thus, glass ionomers are only part of our comprehensive product offering.It's true that they don’t represent a universally applicable restoration..


D-Tech Restore Glass

₹470.00 ₹425.00

Glass Ionomer Restorative CementA fluoride releasing glass ionomer  restorative cement.(A2 SHADE)INDICATIONS :-Restoration of primary teethCore build - upRestorations of Class III ,V and limited Class I cavities.The standard powder to liquid ratio is 1:1 DISPENSING   INSTRUCTIONS:- 2.8/1.0 g.1 level scoop of powder to 2 dro..



₹2,378.00 ₹4,245.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementFEATURES:AquaCem is a light-yellow, translucent glass-ionomer luting material consisting of a blend of alumino-silicate glass and polyacrylic acid.The powder is mixed with distilled water to produce a luting material which adheres to dentin and enamel producing tightly sealed cementations.PACKAGING:1 x 30 g AquaCem Powder..


Dpi Silver Reinforced Cement

₹1,995.00 ₹2,500.00

REINFORCED CEMENTDPI Silver Reinforced Cement is high compresive strength micro glass which is reinforced with silver alloy. Permanent core build restorative, Semi permanent restoration of teeth in case of rampant caries. Restorative in children’s teeth. DPI Silver Reinforced Cement is available in powder/liquid form.Key Specifications : Core ..



₹7,670.00 ₹6,500.00

GC FUJI 9 GP EXTRA CAPSULESRadiopaque Posterior Glass Ionomer Restorative in CapsuleA high strength fast setting glass ionomer restorative in capsule formulated with a unique SmartGlass filler offering improved translucency for a more aaesthetic restoration. Indications Class I and small Class II restorations in non-load bearing areasClas..


Gc Fuji Lining Lc Paste Pack, 7g Cartridge

₹3,810.00 ₹4,760.00

Glass IonomerGC Fuji LINING LC PP is the first light-cured resin reinforced glass ionomer lining cement available in paste-paste presentation.FEATURESExcellent bond to tooth structure without conditioning.BENEFITSTight bond to composite resin.PACKAGING : 1 Unit..


Gc Gold Label 2 Lc (Light-Cured)

₹1,392.00 ₹1,600.00

Glass Ionomer RestorativeFeatures:Smaller particlesExcellent aesthetics and polishabilityHigher filler loadingSignificantly improved abrasion resistanceGood radiopacityFacilitating post-operative diagnosisSelf-adhesive to tooth structureNo etching, no bondingHydrophilicVery good results in areas where rubber dam is difficult to use, cavity margins ..


Medicept Dental Xtralute Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

₹1,122.00 ₹1,500.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementDetails:The latest addition Medicept Dental’s range of cements has been optimized for use in hot and humid climates. The glass component is finely ground and sieved to produce an average particle size of less than 5 microns (<5µ) – this ensures a very low film thickness and excellent results in a host of procedures whe..


Medicept Glass Ionomer Universal Liquid

₹764.00 ₹825.00

A Universal Glass Ionomer Liquid which can be used with glass ionomer restorative and lutingPackaging:15ml Liquid..


Prevest Micron Luting

₹755.00 ₹675.00

Glass ionomer luting cementFeatures :Translucent shade.Very low film thicknessHigh fluoride release.Low solubilityDescriptionMicron Luting is convenient self curing , fine particle, fluoride releasing, glass ionomer luting cement for crowns , bridges, securing inlays, onlays, post and orthodontic brackets.Micron Luting is the Ideal radiopaque, self..


Prevest Micron Superior

₹799.00 ₹1,050.00

Glass Ionomer Restorative CementGlass ionomer restorative self cure in handmix version for restoration of primary teeth, core build up with Long expiry.Self-cure glass ionomer restorative in handmix version for the restoration of primary teeth, core build up. ADVANTAGES:- Translucent shadeVery low film thicknessHigh fluoride releaseL..


Pyrax Glass Ionomer Cement GIC Type 2

₹442.00 ₹1,000.00

Glass Ionomer Cement GIC Type 2It provides permanent restoration of class III, class V and small class fillings.It allows restoration of deciduous teeth( especially class I).Used in primary teeth fillings/ fissure sealing, filling of cervical erosions.It is also used in fillings prior to crown preparations.Features :GIC II has radiopaque glass powd..


Shivam Dental Glass Ionomer Cement Type-I

₹670.00 ₹700.00

Glass Ionomer Type I is suitable for permanent cementations of crowns, bridges veeners and others facings. It can be used as a liner under composites.Key specification: Excellent wetting properties Stable Low film thicknessFeatures:Suitable for large restorations.Excellent wetting properties.Low film thickness.High level of transluen..


Shivam Dental Glass Ionomer Cement Type-II

₹586.00 ₹680.00

Glass Ionomer Type II is restorative self cured suitable for permanent dental filling.Key specification: Self-cured Suitable for permanent dental filling Chemical setting without shrinkage Low solubilityFeatures:Chemical adhesion to tooth structure allows minimal cavity preparation without the need for etching or bonding agents...


Shofu Fx Ultra Bulk Fill Glass Ionomer Restorative

₹2,805.00 ₹3,120.00

Glass Ionomer Cement - Type 9 extraFeatures:Fast And Easy Bulk PlacementRapid interaction of powder and liquid assures an easy, smooth and fast non-tacky mix that is easily adapted to bulk fill in a single step.Remarkable Translucency With Exceptional Shade StabilityGlasIonomer FX  ULTRA shows negligible change  in  colour  and&..

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Shofu Fx Ultra Glass Ionomer Restorative -Mini Set

₹1,290.00 ₹1,340.00

Glass Ionomer Cement - Type 9 extraFeatures:Fast And Easy Bulk PlacementRapid interaction of powder and liquid assures an easy, smooth and fast non-tacky mix that is easily adapted to bulk fill in a single step.Remarkable Translucency With Exceptional Shade StabilityGlasIonomer FX  ULTRA shows negligible change  in  colour  and&..


Shofu Gic Polishing Kit

₹2,643.00 ₹2,700.00

Shofu GIC Polishing Kit is Specially selected assortment of T&F Hybrid Points, White Stones and Polishers for finishing and polishing of Glass ionomer and Composite restorationsEach of the points in the kit are autoclavable and cost-effectiveRecommended average speed:T&F Hybrid Points FG- 50,000 to 300,000 rpmDura White Stones- 5,000 t..


Shofu Glasionomer Cement Version 2 Improved Set

₹2,155.00 ₹2,400.00

Glass Ionomer CementDescriptionShofu Glasionomer Cement Version 2 Improved Set is an improved version of Glass ionomer cement used in restoration of both primary & permanent teeth. INDICATIONS:For restoration in Class I,II , IIIClass VCervical Erosion/AbrasionFeaturesA new enhanced anterior restorative cement specially designed for Cl..


Shofu Glasionomer Fx-Ii Capsule A2

₹7,540.00 ₹7,543.00

The proven direct restorative glass ionomer now available in capsule delivery system to achieve simple and predictable application every timeAn aesthetic, all-purpose, self-curing glass ionomer capsule allows value time savings by eliminating a conditioner step and providing fast setting time FEATURESChemically adheres to tooth structure with ..


Shofu Glasionomer Fx-II Improved

₹2,675.00 ₹3,000.00

Glass Ionomer RestorativeFeatures :Improved GlasIonomer FX II features superior mechanical properties and exceptional handling characteristics for superior clinical performance.Enhanced aesthetics with high translucency, fluorescence close to natural teeth and optimal polishability.Excellent packable consistency ideal for posterior restoration of d..

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