3m Espe Adper Single Bond Universal Adhesive

₹3,875.00 ₹5,050.00

Bonding AgentGo beyond versatile. Discover the universal bonding solution with Single Bond Universal AdhesiveCombined Total-Etch, Self-Etch and Selective-Etch adhesive.Consistent bond strength to both moist and dry etched dentin.Virtually no post-op sensitivity.Flexible dispensing tip can be individually adjusted before application.High bond streng..


3m Espe Clinpro Sealant - Refills

₹2,050.00 ₹2,070.00

Pit & Fissure SealantClinpro™ sealant is pink when applied to the tooth surface, and changes to an opaque off white colour when exposed to light. The pink color helps the dental professional with the accuracy and amount of material placed during the sealant procedureLong-lasting protection against caries FEATURES:Colour change technology f..


3M Espe Filtek Z250 XT Restorative Syringe

₹1,075.00 ₹1,450.00

Nano Hybrid Composite3M™ ESPE™ Filtek™ Z250XT Universal Restorative is the solution for your everyday restorative needs.Filtek™ Z250XT Nano Hybrid restorative offers the handling dentists prefer.For decades, 3M ESPE has worked to continually improve and perfect handling from the dentist’s point of view. Filtek™ Z250XT restorative will make your wor..


3M Espe Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative Capsule - REFILLS

₹3,088.00 ₹3,600.00

Description3M Espe Filtek Z350 XT Universal Restorative Capsule - REFILLSA high-performance, versatile nanocomposite. Excellent aesthetics for anterior restorations, strong enough for posterior restorations.FeaturesSimple to Use:-Exceptional handlingMore body shades for single-shade restorationsCapsules and syringes are color-coded by opacityBold, ..


3m Espe Imprint Bite Registration Material (Vps)

₹7,248.00 ₹8,353.00

Bite Registration MaterialFEATURES :Good flow behavior - for high accuracyFast intra-oral setting - for a faster procedureHigh final hardness and low flexibility - for easy cutting and trimming and accurate stone model positioningFresh material colour and scannability - for good readability and easy access to the digital workflo..


3m Espe Ketac Cem Easy Mix Glass Ionomer Cement

₹4,600.00 ₹4,260.00

Glass Ionomer CementFeaturesHigh fluoride releaseExcellent bond strengthHigh durabilityGood pulpal acceptanceLow sensitivity to moisture IndicationsCrowns and BridgesInlays and OnlaysPosts and ScrewsOrthodontic BandsPACKAGING:1 - Powder 30gm. 1 - Liquid 12ml. 1 - Dropper. 1 - Mixing Pad. 1 - Spoon..


3m Espe Ketac Cem Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

₹2,745.00 ₹3,500.00

Glass Ionomer Luting CementRadiopaque Permanent Glass Ionomer Luting CementIndications:Permanent cementation of inlays, onlays, crowns andbridges made of metal or porcelain-fused to metal (PFM), all-aluminia or all-zirconia strengthened core ceramic systems (e.g. Lava™ Crowns & Bridges)Permanent cementation of endodontic posts an..


3m Espe Ketac Fil Plus Glass Ionomer Filling Material

₹1,505.00 ₹1,885.00

Glass Ionomer RestorativeLasting protection against cariesReduces the risk of secondary caries due to fluoride release.After treatment with 3M™ ESPE™ Vitremer™ Core Build-Up / Restorative and 3M™ ESPE™ Ketac™ Fil Plus Glass Ionomer Filling Material, patients with a high risk of caries had significantly less secondary caries around the mar..


3m Espe Ketac N100 Light Curing Nano-Ionomer Restorative

₹5,545.00 ₹2,494.00

Glass Ionomer RestorativeThe first paste/paste RMGI restorative based on bonded nanofiller technologyAesthetic glass ionomer restorativeFEATURESDentists agree – our paste/paste formula in our Clicker™ Dispenser is faster and easier to use.Improved wear resistanceFaster, easier dispensing with our award-winning Clicker™ DispenserHigh fluoride releas..


3m Espe P-60 Micro Hybrid Posterior Syringe

₹1,610.00 ₹1,770.00

Posterior Restorative Material3M ESPE Filtek P60 Posterior Restorative, is a visible-light activated, radiopaque, restorative composite. It is designed for use in posterior restorations. The filler in Filtek P60 restorative is zirconia/silica. The inorganic filler loading is 61% by volume (without silane treatment) with a particle size range of 0.0..


3m Espe Pediatric Strip Crown Forms Pk/5

₹1,640.00 ₹1,885.00

Pedodontic Strip Crown Refills3m Espe Pediatric Strip Crown Forms PACKAGING:5 pcs per Box..


3m Espe Polycarbonate Crowns

₹16,980.00 ₹20,394.00

Polycarbonate crownsDescription:Universal shade No. 62 can be adjusted using cements and liners for better esthetics.Ideal for short- or longer-term use, providing the option of offering an esthetic, longer-term temporary for patients with economic considerations.Crown set is packaged in a unique, stackable tray that provides convenient, easy stora..


3m Espe Relyx Ceramic Primer

₹1,380.00 ₹2,075.00

PrimerDescription3m Espe Relyx Ceramic PrimerA prehydrolyzed silane based primer designed to enhance bonds to porcelain, ceramic, precured composite and metal surfaces. FeaturesEnhances bonds to porcelain, ceramic, pre-cured composite and metal surfaces for improved performance IndicationsSilanization of ceramic or metal restorations..


3m Espe Relyx Luting 2 Refill Packs

₹4,139.00 ₹4,975.00

Resin CementEasy and hygienic handling with the new Clicker DispenserLow film thickness for a perfect fit of indirect restorationsStrong adhesion, enhanced marginal integrityEasy removal of excess materialDescriptionRelyX Luting 2 luting cement offers a perfect mix of convenience and proven clinical performance. The advanced resin-modified glass io..


3m Espe Relyx U200 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

₹6,688.00 ₹8,549.00

Self-Adhesive Resin CementRELYX™ U200 - THE LATEST GENERATION OF THE WORLD´S MOST CLINICALLY PROVEN SELF-ADHESIVE RESIN CEMENT - IS AVAILABLE IN THE CLICKER™ DISPENSER AND IN AN EASY-TO-USE AUTOMIX SYRINGE. Comfortable and easy deliverySimple and time-saving one-step solutionHigh-performing self-adhesive resin cementAlso available in the Click..

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3m Espe Relyx Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement

₹12,745.00 ₹17,560.00

This universal resin cement was specially formulated to be self-adherent and moisture tolerant, eliminating the need for separate etching, priming or bonding steps. This saves time and greatly reduces the potential for patient sensitivity compared to other resin cement systems that require etching and bonding. Like other RelyX™ Cements, the excess ..


3m Espe Vitrebond Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base - Refills

₹2,238.00 ₹2,906.00

Glass Ionomer LinerDescription3m Espe Vitrebond Light Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base - RefillsA light-cure glass ionomer liner/base that combines light-cure convenience with true glass ionomer fluoride release and bond strength. IndicationFor use under direct and indirect restorations, including composite, amalgam, ceramic and metal restoration..


3m Espe Vps Tray Adhesive

₹1,395.00 ₹1,401.00

Vinyl Polysiloxane Tray Adhesive&Designed to ensure adhesion between the VPS impression material and the impression tray,&this adhesive is available in a 17ml bottle&&BenefitEnsures adhesion between the VPS impression material and the impression tray&Indication for UseEnsuring adhesion between the VPS impression material and the..


3m Unitek Transbond Plus Self Etching Primer

₹3,194.00 ₹5,000.00

3m Unitek Transbond Plus Self Etching PrimerBenefitsAn easy one-step system that creates an expanded placement window, giving you additional time for more precise positioningA shorter treatment window that saves you valuable time and builds greater productivity for your practiceAn easy mixing and application process with the Transbond Easy Roller t..


3m Unitek Unite Primer

₹2,450.00 ₹4,528.00

ormulated for strength, Unite Bonding Adhesive allows ample working time yet sets quickly, allowing the archwire to be inserted in as little as four minutes.For a strong, reliable bond, ease of handling and rapid placement, the industry-proven choice is Unite Bonding Adhesive.Unite adhesive is thixotropic - it will not run, yet it flows readily int..

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