Self Ligating Clear Brackets


D-Tech Self Ligating Tenbrook T1 Brackets-0.018

₹6,645.00 ₹8,400.00

D-Tech Self Ligating Tenbrook T1 Brackets-0.018For the first few days your teeth may slightly sore from braces,the Tenbrook t1 is intended to provide maximum patient comfort. Each bracket is super low profile with smooth rounded edges and corner eliminating the poke and pinches of traditional braces. Within days of wearing them you may even forget ..


Moriz MIM Mesh Based Brackets

₹220.00 ₹275.00

Moriz MIM Mesh Based Brackets are available in MBT and Roth variations.Features:T-Hook can fasten elastic ligating material.Color I.D for easi identification.Smooth surface for added patient comfort.Torque-in-base design techniques to provide level slot line-up, and help avoid occlusal interference.Round corners for enhanced patient comfort.Full ro..


Ortho Classic H4-Go Clear Self Ligating Bracket 022-5x5 U/L KIT

₹18,500.00 ₹21,500.00

H4-Go Clear Self Ligating Bracket 022 -(Demon Clear Type) 5X5 U/LThe H4 GO is a low-friction, light force orthodontic solution that delivers healthy tooth movement with optimal control. The contours of the slide and smooth rounded edges increase patient comfort. The H4 GO has all the great features of the H4 self-ligating bracket in aesthetic.FEATU..

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