Weldable Accessories


Denext Weldable Buckle Tube MBT-022

₹138.00 ₹210.00

Weldable Buckle Tube MBTDenext Weldable Buckle Tube MBT-022 u1l1, u2l2, u2l3.Packaging:Set of 4...


D-Tech Lingual Button

₹460.00 ₹600.00

Lingual ButtonMetal injection Molded and designed to conform to tooth Surface.Mesh base for maximum retentionPACKAGING:10/pack..


Moriz Power Hook

₹535.00 ₹600.00

 POWER HOOKMoriz Power Hook are available in Long, Middle and short forms.Packaging :10 Pieces per pack..


Moriz Power Multi-Hook

₹485.00 ₹600.00

Power Multi-HookMoriz Power Multi-Hook are available in various forms.Packaging :10 Pieces per pack..


Moriz Weldable Buccal Tubes

₹190.00 ₹250.00

Moriz Weldable Buccal Tubes are available in Roth and MBT varaitions.Key specification: Unique notch Maximum patient comfort Precise fit Weldablefeatures:Color coded indents on the facial surface assist bonding and positioning.A unique notch on the occlusal side makes holding the buccal tube a inch and helps with initial placeme..


Ortho Classic Arch wire Hooks Crimpable

₹900.00 ₹2,200.00

Ortho Classic Arch wire Hooks CrimpablePack of 10..


Ortho Classic Coated Arch Wire Hook crimpable

₹2,200.00 ₹2,500.00

Ortho Classic Coated Arch Wire Hook crimpable  Pack of 10..


Ortho classic Lingual Buttons Weldable Pk/10

₹500.00 ₹820.00

Weldable Lingual buttonsWeldable lingual Buttons are perfect for all your patients.Formed for patient comfort, our lingual buttons easily bond to any tooth.Available in flat or curved to adapt to all applications.Lingual buttons can be welded to bands.PACKAGING:1 button..

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