Self Ligating Metal Brackets


3m Unitek Clarity Self Ligating Ceramic Brackets

₹12,890.00 ₹22,500.00

Benefits:-Almost invisibleThey let your natural tooth colour shine through and are hardly visible in your mouth.Easy dental hygieneA clean solution: Self-ligating ceramic braces simplify the cleaning of teeth and braces because they make do without rubber ligatures.High wearing comfortWhy Clarity SL should really be called FeelGood Braces? Maybe be..


3m Unitek Self Ligating Bracket

₹5,125.00 ₹5,180.00

Self Ligating Bracket...


3m Unitek Smart Clip Self Ligating Brackets

₹14,960.00 ₹16,632.00

.Based on clinical feedback, 3M Unitek has combined advanced materials engineering with sophisticated mechanical design to develop an even more effective self-ligating bracket system and has improved the unique self-ligating clip mechanism. The SmartClip SL3 Self-Ligating Appliance System now uses less force to give your patients more to smile abou..


Leone F1000 Self Ligating Bracket - Damon Prescription (Made By Leone For Libral India Only)

₹5,175.00 ₹5,250.00

D.B self-ligating brackets with identification FDI (Patented)The diagonal bracket configuration and the pentagonal pad design make the alignment with the crown-long axis intuitive: the positioning on the tooth will result as accurate as the conventional brackets. Torque-in-base ensures the delivery of the single forces and torque movements on the d..

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