Ortho Attachments


Moriz Lingual Buttons

₹537.00 ₹600.00

Moriz Lingual ButtonsManufacturer Details :STM MEDITECH X54645 1st Floor Anchery Complex Pallikulam Road Thrissur Kerala IndiaPackaging :10 Pieces per pack ..


Tp Ortho Flip-Lock Herbst Appliance - 610-400

₹9,745.00 ₹10,500.00

Herbst ApplianceDESCRIPTIONS :A unique fixed appliance that allows a significantly wider range of mandibular movement than typical HERBST designs.Single Patient Appliance Kit.  Comfort. Customization. Advanced engineering.The innovative Flip-Lock HERBST from TP Orthodontics revolutionizes the traditional HERBST appliance. Its sleek, paten..

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