3m Espe Sof-Lex Polishing Discs - Kits & Accessories

₹712.00 ₹783.00

Polishing DiscDue to the availability of the strips as well as discs in different grits and widths, even interproximal areas as well as facial and lingual margins can be finished and polished in a time-saving procedure without damaging the achieved results.FEATURESFour different abrasive grades (coarse to superfine) and two disc thicknesses (normal..


Capri Face Wipes

₹330.00 ₹100.00

Face Wipes Descriptions: Sleek, Transparent, Plasitc dispenser, Attaches to dental with adhesives tape. Automatic Dispensing of face wipes 2-ply Super, Absorbent, Textured and interlinked tissues. Available in Soft pastel colours.Packaging:Capri Face Wipes Blue 100/pk:100 Piece per PackCapri Face Wipes Pink 100/pk:100 Piece per PackCapri ..


Capri Glass Dispenser

₹540.00 ₹550.00

Glass DispenserDescriptions:Plastic dispenser, attaches to wall with srew / adhesive tape. Hold 25 plastic disposable cups and dispenses one cup at a time.Packaging1 Unit..


Capri Glass Dispenser + Utility Tray - Combo

₹668.00 ₹750.00

ComboCapri Glass Dispenser + Utility Tray - ComboPACKAGING:1 unit..


Capri Glove Dispenser

₹330.00 ₹560.00

Capri Glove DispenserDescriptions:Plastic dispenser, attaches to wall with screw/adhesive tape. Dispenser one glove at a time.Key SpecificationsDimensional Size:L x B x H:20 x 15 x 8 cmPackaging1 Unit..


Oro Intra Oral Tips (Yellow)

₹375.00 ₹700.00

Intraoral TipsFEATURES:Allow easy, automatic mixing of impression material using thecartridge dispenserProvide convenient, precise application of materialTips provide precise placement interproximallyPACKAGING:100/pack..


Oro Tissue Dispenser

₹500.00 ₹612.00

45 degree handpiece for better accessibility (Push Button)DESCRIPTIONSWalent air rotor handpieces are designed to facilitate user-comfortability for the professional and a significant reduction in procedural times for their patients. The especially designed head size with 45 degrees LED feature and customized light pos..

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