LED Light Cure


Denext 1 Second Curing Light

₹4,195.00 ₹5,250.00

 1 Second Curing LightDENEXT 1 LED introduces LED Curing Light with Photometer with finest technology. This LED Curing Light has been designed after thorough research from conventional light cure units. Neverthless, the intensity of the light is ideal for curing the dental restorative material with optimum wavelength. Daily used for:- Curing L..


Denext Chair LED Light

₹7,950.00 ₹6,299.00




₹12,345.00 ₹18,000.00

CHORDLESS ENDOMOTORWireless endo motor is a root canal treatment equipment, which is converted into mechanical energy from the electrical energy and meets the goal of root canal mechanical expansion through the mechanical motor drive, micro control.This machine is for handheld operation. Battery Voltage-DC 3.7 V. Battery capacity-1050 mAh.Pres..


3m Espe Elipar Deepcure Led - Curing Light

₹53,550.00 ₹69,970.00

Curing LightDETAILS:For fast, reliable and effective curing, the Eliper™ LED Curing Light offers great value from a company you can trust. Includes one curing light handpiece, charger, 10mm light guide, eye shield and three curing discs.High intensity for fast, complete cure.10mm light guide for one-shot curing.Special optics maintain uniform light..


3m Espe Elipar Deepcure S Led Curing Light

₹79,605.00 ₹116,000.00

Curing Light FEATURES:Virtually unbreakable and sealed against contamination.When you hold the seamless, stainless steel Elipar™ S10 LED Curing Light from 3M ESPE, you can feel product excellence at a whole new level. Its one-piece stainless steel casing is virtually unbreakable. And because the casing has no seams or vents where liquid can se..


3M Unitek Ortholux Luminous Curing Light

₹82,450.00 ₹89,100.00

Light Cure UnitThe Ortholux Luminous Curing Light redefines efficiency in orthodontic curing with a versatile, ergonomic design and the latest in high-power LED technology.Superior strength, durability and hygiene Manufactured from a one-piece, hydroformed stainless steel casing, the high-tech design features a smooth, nearly unbreakable exterior t..


Api Led Light Cure - Halogen Lamp Type

₹6,795.00 ₹8,500.00

Light Cure UnitAPI LED Light Cure - Halogen Lamp TypeFeatures:Wavelength range: 420nm~510nmLight intensity: More than 500 mW/cm (square)Light Guide: 8mm or 10mm availableContinuous time setting with audible beeps every 10 seconds0-19 sec adjustable soft start time Over heating protectionMemorized curing time setting makes the us..


Being Foshan Tulip LED Light Cure Unit

₹2,990.00 ₹4,500.00

Being Tulip LED Light Cure UnitTULIP DIGITAL LED CURING LIGHT is a cordless LED curing unit made up of Aluminium body.This light cure unit is light in weight and easy to handle that lets your work easily and more efficiently.Ideally used for:Curing Light cure Composite or Glass Ionomer For bleaching procedureKey Specifications:Unit:Material of..


Coltene Coltolux Led Light Cure

₹28,485.00 ₹42,336.00

Light Cure UnitSLIM, POWERFUL, CORDLESSThe Coltolux® LED combines a slim curing probe with high output in a cordless lightweight penstyle design.High output LED for fast cures. Cures 2 mm in only 10 s.Dome shaped lens minimizes light diffusion.LED light output matches the absorption spectrum of Camphorquinone (CQ) Photoinitiators. Audible sign..


Coltene Spec 3 Led Curing Light

₹77,600.00 ₹135,966.00

  LED Curing Light FEATURES:3 Distinct Power Modes Ergonomic lightweight design High intensity output for rapid polymerization Intuitive and simple controls for ease of use The  S.P.E.C. 3 defines performance without compromise. Chair time can be effectively reduced due to rapid and deep polymerization on var..


Cordless LED Curing Light

₹1,850.00 ₹3,500.00

 LED Curing LightProduct SpecificationWire OptionCordlessTypesLED, LaserCuring ModesRegularFeaturesMultiple Curing OptionMinimum Order Quantity1 PieceProduct DescriptionLED Light Curing Unit is a member of dental equipment that is used for polymerization of light cure resin based composites. It can be used on numerous different dental mat..


Denext Eco Light DX-950

₹1,815.00 ₹5,866.00

Eco Light DX-950DENEXT ECO LIGHT DX-950 This mini technology of curing dental restorative material has been designed keeping Ergonomics need on top priority. With delayed working hours for dental practioners, there are more chances of developing health related disorders.Multiple options for setting the time , handy, mini designed LED Light Cur..


Diadent D-Lux Led Light Cure

₹18,525.00 ₹21,000.00

Diadent D-Lux Led Light CureD-Lux is a new advanced cordless LED curing light. Made from the highest quality aluminum, D-Lux dissipates heat quickly to prevent overheating problem so that it can produce the maximum light intensity safely and consistently. With its lightweight and ergonomic design, D-Lux is easy to use and highly portable. Its ..


Galaxy Light Cure Unit Cordless

₹2,499.00 ₹3,500.00

Light Cure Unit CordlessADVANTAGE:Reliable.Light weighted.Environment friendly.Recognized quality worldwide. FEATURES;Automatic memory.A full charge can be used for over 200 times (10 s/time).Constant light intensity, the solidification effect is stable even the battery power decrease.With wire or wireless. Even the battery runs out, it can wo..


Heraeus Kulzer Translux Wave Led Light Cure

₹25,750.00 ₹29,995.00

LED Light Cure UnitLight-weight, cordless, ergonomic – and technically state of the art.Translux Wave is a LED curing light for the polymerisation of dental materials such as adhesives and composites.The Translux Wave uses a source of light consisting of a very-efficient mono-chromatic LED diode with a wavelength comprised between 440 and 480 nm. T..


Itena Luxite - Led Curing Light

₹46,995.00 ₹49,000.00

Curing light UnitMaximal power 1600mW/cm²6 curing program modesChoice of fiber optic tips: thin, large and turboInterchangeable battery pack : A spare battery pack can be left to charge separatelyAnti-glare shieldLCD color displayLong battery running life2 years guarantee (Battery - 1 year )Key Specifications:Maximal power..1600 mW/cm2Wavelength ra..


Ivoclar Bluephase 20i G2 LED Curing Light

₹114,720.00 ₹138,540.00

Ivoclar Bluephase 20i G2 LED Curing LightFeatures :The Bluephase 20i is high-performance LED curing light with a light intensity of 2,000 mW/cm2 offering curing times as fast as 5 seconds.Bluephase 20i is an LED polymerization light that produces energy-rich blue light. It is used for the polymerization of light-curing dental materials im..


Ivoclar Bluephase N

₹65,260.00 ₹80,000.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MPolywave LED with halogen-like broadband spectrum of 385 to 515 nm.Suitable for fast curing of all light initiator systems.For all indications due to continuous cooling.Click & Cure for battery-free emergency operation with the power pack.3 curing modes: High Power (1,200 mW/cm2) for quick polymerization, Low Power (650 mW/..


Ivoclar Bluephase N M

₹28,940.00 ₹65,000.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MMaximum power supply due to the lithium-polymer battery with highest capacity.Three adjustable curing times ensure efficient & reliable operation.For all indications due to continuous operation.Controlled light curing due to adjustable curing times.Universal program for the intuitive 1-button operation and uncomplicated han..


Ivoclar Bluephase N MC (100-240V)

₹19,940.00 ₹33,662.00

Ivoclar Bluephase N MC (100-240V)FEATURES:For all indications due to continuous operationSimple and uncomplicated handling due to a universal programm and 1-button operationFits the hands comfortably due to an ergnomic designRotatable 10-mm light probe for optimal access to all restored areasDescriptionBluephase N MC is a mains-operated LED polymer..

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