NSK SURGIC PRO Physiodispenser Optic & Non-Optic Implant motor

₹145,650.00 ₹165,000.00

SURGIC PRO  by NSK Physiodispenser - Implant motor takes only a very short time to intuitively understand, and become confident with, the operation of this latest NSK Oral Surgery and Implant micromotor system. It is the 5th generation of NSK surgical micromotor systems.The NSK Surgic Pro is a compact, stylish and fully int..



₹335,870.00 ₹465,000.00

NSK VARIOSURG 3 OPTIC - PIEZOSURGERY UNITExceptional Power for Faster. More Accurate Procedures.The exceptional power VarioSurg3 that enables precise, stressfree surgical procedures even when approaching hard bone in delicate areas.The compact body offers a wide variety of functions. The large backlit LCD display & intuitive controls help ..


Woodpecker Ultra Surgery X

₹199,945.00 ₹215,000.00

Woodpecker Ultra Surgery X : Piezosurgery unitWoodpecker Ultra Surgery X is a third generation of Woodpecker Ultrasurgery which is designed to perform numerous Clinical Applications namely, minimally invasive tooth extraction, Intralift, Sinus Lift, Alveoloplasty, apical cyst extraction, Crown extension, Crest Splitting etc.Available..


Woodpecker Ultrasurgery US-II

₹154,890.00 ₹176,000.00

Woodpecker Ultrasurgery US-II : Piezosurgery unitWoodpecker is a world leading expert in bone cutting efficiency. The Ultrasurgery US II is easy to operate in all functions and comes with a comprehensive range of hand pieces, tips and accessories.woodpecker ultra surgery US II equipped with LED which ensures the b..

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