Apex Locators


Bombay Dental EMF DLX

₹44,490.00 ₹45,000.00

EMF DLX-Apex locator..


Bombay Dental i-Root

₹54,400.00 ₹60,000.00



Bombay Dental I-Root + Dentsply X-Smart

₹111,430.00 ₹112,700.00

Apex Locator + EndomotorDentsply X-SmartThe X-Smart is an endodontic micro-motor, specifically designed to drive NiTi rotary instruments. The X-Smart is a simple, compact and lightweight unit, adapted to the needs of an endodontic practice. Technical featuresOperates on battery or electrical powerBattery recharging time : approx. 5 hoursTime o..


Coltene Canalpro™ Apex Locator

₹56,490.00 ₹78,750.00

Dental Apex LocatorThe CanalPro Apex Locator is characterized by its brilliant, coloured 3D panel and its accuracy of measurement. The ergonomic design and the easy operation allow comfortable use. Accuracy of measurement User-friendly, intelligent interface Virtual Apex Function Built-in self-test for a fast function controlUse..


Denext VPEX Apex Locator

₹8,975.00 ₹15,000.00

Denext VPEX Apex Locator5th Generation Apex Locator FEATURES:100% automatic digital calibration Light body for stable performanceMeasurement  accuracy up to 97.71%Clear interface Alarm rings when the distance between root canal needle & root canal is less than 2mmReal-time response,double sensibility Clinical data fitti..


Dentsply Propex Pixi Apex Locator

₹36,900.00 ₹48,370.00

Dental Apex LocatorThe ProPex Pixi Apex Locator is another innovative solution from Dentsply Sirona & Maillefer, encouraging the standard of care in Endodontics and assisting clinicians to deliver more predictable endodontic outcomes. INDICATION:It is an electronic device used for apex location during root canal treatment for determin..


J Morita Dentaport Zx With Otr Module Apex Locator

₹191,990.00 ₹192,500.00

Dentaport ZX with OTR Module function  The Root ZX II Low Speed Handpiece with OTR technology by J Morita is a revolutionary product in canal preparation. It prepares root canals while displaying precise and accurate measurements.During file rotation, the torque is automatically measured. If the torque is less tha..


J Morita Root Zx Ii Apex Locator

₹54,990.00 ₹66,836.00

The measurements made using Root ZX II are not affected by the presence of blood, electrolytes or other discharges. The patented technology incorporated into this device offers an accuracy rate of 97.5%. The display of the apex locator is user-friendly and large enough, making it easy to read. The apex locator exactly corre..


J Morita Root Zx Mini And Tri Auto Mini

₹123,500.00 ₹203,040.00

Endodomotor + Apex locatorIt is a combination product of ROOT ZX MINI apex locator and TRI-AUTO mini endo motor.ZX MINI APEX LOCATOR by J MORITA is the world’s best-selling apex locator which is available in a compact, mini design, measuring just over 4”x 2” with proven root ZX apex location technology i..


J Morita Root Zx Mini Apex Locator

₹49,900.00 ₹69,000.00

Dental Apex LocatorROOT ZX MINI APEX LOCATOR by J MORITA is the world’s best selling apex locator which is available in a compact, mini design,measuring just over 4”x 2” with proven root ZX apex location technology independently evaluated at a 97.5% accuracy rate.it has programmable memory settings and shock resis..


J Morita Tri Auto Zx 2 Endo Motor ( With Apex Locator)

₹149,810.00 ₹175,000.00

With easy, intuitive operation and automatic functions, Tri Auto ZX2 delivers predictable and reliable endodontic instrumentation. Morita's safety functions: Optimum Torque Reverse (OTR) and Optimum Glide Path (OGP) are new to the Tri Auto ZX2. OGP simplifies glide path creation whilst the OTR function reduces potential file breakage and microcrack..


Kerr Apex Id

₹36,890.00 ₹51,840.00

Dental Apex LocatorApex ID by Kerr is a Third-generation apex locator. It is a compact and modern apex locator which used to locate the anatomical apex during endodontic therapy. This apex locator features the ‘User-set zero point’ in which you can Customize the "zero point" based on your initial clinical jud..


Meta Rotor Apex Locator

₹35,630.00 ₹48,600.00

Dental Apex Locator2.5D Patient Management Software, Fast, Reliable, Precise measurement results reduces need for X-RayMaximum portability for easy and quick working length gauging.Accuracy guaranteed by the latest multiple frequency technology meets hand-held size for the best efficiency of your endodontic treatment. AdvantagesAccuracy i..


Nsk Endo-Mate DT - Endomotor 20:1 With MPAS Head

₹46,890.00 ₹59,000.00

ENDO-MATE DT by NSK is a smart Endo Micromotor with Convenient Full Portability which is specifically designed for use with Ni-Ti files from all major suppliers.User-programmable preset memory can store up to 9 speed and torque settings exactly to the supplier’s spec. A ..


Nsk Endomotor Endomate AT

₹46,890.00 ₹49,000.00

EndomotorEndo-Mate AT by NSK is a highly versatile endodontic motor, compatible with all the major brands and ranges of Ni-Ti files. It has a highly customizable programming which gives clinicians the option of up to 9 settings (speed and torque) making it an easy switch between programs for different file systems.The ..


Nsk Ipex II Apex Locator

₹42,290.00 ₹65,000.00

NSK Endo iPex II is a compact and stylish 4th frequency digital apex locator featuring the next generation SMARTLOGIC-CONTROLLER which is lightweight with a base just 6 cm in diameter, the iPexII can quickly be set up and used in virtually any environment. The LCD panel is pitched at the ideal angle that allows Clinici..


Pyrax Dental Apex Locator

₹10,999.00 ₹12,000.00

We offer portable size Apex Locator with self-calibration. It easily fits in any tooth environment and works will in both dry and wet canals such as blood, hypochlorite, saline, etc. Dental Apex Locator that we offer is included with beep alarm to indicate the apex when the display number on the LCD is below 2 mm, adjustable volume of the..

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Vdw Raypex 6 Apex Locator

₹59,990.00 ₹62,000.00

High-tech Apex Locator with easy touchFEATURESPrecise length determinationLatest multi-frequency apex locator technologyAutomatic "Plug-and-Check"Separate RAYPEX® Apical Zoom in traffic light coloursUser-friendly interfaceUnique colour touch screen for smart operationIntuitive menu for setting optionsCustomisation for individual preferenceChoice be..


Waldent Endopro Endomotor + Wal-Pex 5 Pro Gold APEX LOCATOR COMBO

₹20,690.00 ₹24,990.00

WALDENT Endomotor + Apex LocatorWaldent EndoPro Endomotor + Wal-Pex 5 Pro Gold APEX LOCATOR COMBO ComboWaldent introduces Cordless Reciprocating  Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Opt..


Waldent Endopro Endomotor + Woodpecker Minipex Apex Locator Combo

₹20,990.00 ₹23,000.00

Endomotor + Apex Locator miniWaldent EndoPro Endomotor + Woodpecker Minipex Apex Locator ComboWaldent introduces Cordless Endomotor with optimum freedom making conventional endodontics better & efficient. EndoPro amazes as a cordless endomotor with brilliant & smart optimization for Advanced Endodontics.Optimum head size enables better view..

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