Instrument Kit


Api Clinic Setup Kit

₹23,000.00 ₹35,000.00

API Clinic Setup KitPackaging:CLINIC SETUP KIT:1 x Tooth Forceps Set of 14 pcs1 x Upper Anterior (#29) 1 x Lower Anterior (#4) 1 x Upper Premolar (#7) 1 x Lower Primolar (#13) 1 x Upper Molar Right (#17) 1 x Upper Molar Left (#18) 1 x Lower Molar (#22) 1 x Upper Root (#51) 1 x Upper 3rd Molar (#67) 1 x L..


Api Conservative Kit 20 Instrument

₹2,500.00 ₹3,470.00

Conservative Instrument KitAPI Conservative Kit 20 instrument Conservative kit is a combination of 20 hand instrument which includes Mouth mirror, tweezers, probes, excavators  etc.PACKAGING:1 x William 1 x Mouth Mirror Handle with Top 1 x Tweezer 1 x Ball Burnisher S/M 1 x Plastic Filling 3067 (Cement Carrier) 1 ..


Api Manipal Scalers Set Of 3

₹650.00 ₹800.00

API Manipal Scalers Set of 3PACKAGING:Set of 3 Manipal Scalers:1235-2-3235-2-315/30 Sickle Scalers..


API Orthodontic Instruments Kit

₹5,655.00 ₹11,600.00

Orthodontic KitAPI Ortho Instruments KitPACKAGING:Set Of 10 Instruments 1 x Bracket Height Gauge (Boone's Gauge)1 x Ligature Director Scaler (12-17)1 x Ligature Director Scaler (99-285)1 x Band Pusher1 x Separating Pliers for separators1 x Band Seater1 x Band Setter1 x Dental Bracket Placing Tweezer1 x Orthodontic..


Api Plastic Filling Instrument Kit Set

₹810.00 ₹1,020.00

Api Plastic Filling Instrument Kit Set Of 66Warranty1 Year warranty against RustPackaging:Set of 6..


Api Sub Gingival Scalers Set Of 7

₹880.00 ₹1,360.00

API Sub Gingival Scalers set of 7PACKAGING:  set of 7..


Bombay Dental Masserann Micro Kit

₹28,497.00 ₹28,500.00

The well established Masserann technique for the removal of metal fragments (posts, burs etc.) from root canals is based on the principle of freeing the obstruction around its periphery. One of its many advantages is that the fragment is removed quickly with minimal loss of substance and without the danger of pushing it further into the canal.« Unb..


Bombay Dental Masserann Kit

₹145,000.00 ₹135,000.00

Masserann Kit..


Coltene Fiesta Color Coded Dental Dam Clamps

₹6,790.00 ₹7,413.00

Dental Dam ClampsFEATURES:Each clamp is individually color coded for unmistakable identity.Non reflective matte finish for better visibility.For convenient storage the 9 color coded clamps are placed on 9 matching color coded pegs on the stainless steel organizer.Color coded for unmistakable identity Non reflective  Non reflective ma..


G&H Focus Mbt 022 Bracket Kit

₹1,442.00 ₹1,748.00



Gdc Composite Instrument Non Titanium Set Of 6 In Pouch Cints6 (Cints6)

₹3,712.00 ₹6,600.00

Composite InstrumentsGDC Composite Instrument Non Titanium Set of 6 in Pouch CINTS6 (CINTS6) GDC uses the finest material, the best grade of stainless steel, depending upon the type of instruments; various quality checks are made starting from the selection of the forging to the final approval by the quality control department. GDC has an advanced ..


Gdc Offer Package Premium Set For New Clinic Setup

₹41,995.00 ₹50,000.00

Premium Set Of Instruments(trolly not included as it delays the delivery process) Package Contains:Tooth forceps premium setRoot Elevators set premiumPedo extraction forceps premium setCrown remover premiumImpression tray setComposite filling instrument set of 6Surgical instrument set of 10 pcsPmt premium set PACKAGING:Package Contains:To..


Hu-Friedy Exam Signature Series® 5 Instrument Cassette (Im6051)

₹6,440.00 ₹6,447.00

IMS® cassettes are made of long-lasting, low-maintenance stainless steel. Soft, colored silicone rails securely hold instruments throughout the processing cycle. Available in over 100 different sizes, configurations and color options.Warranty InformationHu-Friedy, at its option, will repair or replace, for a period of four years following the ..

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Ivoclar Politip (On Order)

₹3,495.00 ₹3,926.00

The finishing touchStandard polishing system from Ivoclar Vivadent for finishing, polishing and high gloss polishing composite and amalgam restorationsLarge Flame (B)Large Cup (C)Small Cup (D)Politip is a two-step polishing system available in three shapes for interdental and occlusal applications:POLITIP F (FINISH)For the removal of excess materia..


Moriz Screw Driver Kit

₹6,200.00 ₹6,400.00

Moriz Screw Driver Kit contains handle and 2 bits...


VeeCare Sinus Lift Instruments

₹4,990.00 ₹5,000.00

VeeCare  Sinus Lift Instruments..


VeeCare Adult Forcep Kit ( Set of 12)

₹7,676.00 ₹9,600.00



VeeCare Adult Forcep Kit ( Set of 14)

₹8,950.00 ₹11,200.00

Forcep Kit Set Of 14 ..


VeeCare Composite Filling Instruments Titanium Coated Kit

₹4,030.00 ₹4,500.00

VeeCare Composite Filling Instruments Titanium Coated Kit..


VeeCare Extraction Forceps Pedo Forcep Kit ( Set of 7)

₹5,035.00 ₹5,600.00


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