Impression Trays - Original Quality

₹150.00 ₹650.00

  Original Quality Impression TraysAUTOCLAVABLE IMPRESSION TRAYSAutocalvable Impression Tray can be heated to 121 degree Celsius, can be reused after sterilization,upto 10 times. Uniquely designed trays made with sturdy and durable plastic,have an ergonomic design.Has Handle for easy insertion and removalAdjusts for maloccluded archesPrevents ..


Automatic Electric ULV Fogger Portable

₹15,995.00 ₹19,650.00

Automatic Electric ULV Fogger Portable Flow AdjustableFor Hotels Hospital Residence Community Office Industrial Disinfection Sterilization Insecticide provides excellent control of droplet size, even for near invisible 0.5-10 micron droplets needed by concentrated ULV chemicals. LESS TIME CONSUMING AND COST EFFECTIVEThe Micro Fogger can t..


Automatic Fumigation Sprayer 1000 ml

₹2,100.00 ₹2,950.00

Automatic Fumigation Sprayer 1000 mlERGONOMIC DESIGNIt has a rounded handle.Easy and comfortable to hold in hands. PREMIUM ABS HANDLEIt has a very sdmooth surface without hurting hands.Comfortable to grip. THICKENED BODY Featured by the high quality HDPE body.Resistant to pressure. COLORComes in three different colors and there ..


Bur Block Box

₹100.00 ₹180.00

 Excellent quality Bur Block Box with 30 holes helps to store burs for easy searchingMade up of Good Quality Plastic.INDICATION :Used to place the high-speed burs and low-speed burs for dental use.ADVANTAGE :The bur holder with 30 holes and can be placed.Using eco-friendly material and with a simple appearance.Helps store burs for easy se..


Bur Box - 24 Holes

₹150.00 ₹250.00

 Bur Box - 24 HolesKEY SPECIFICATION: Contains 24 holes Easy to open Hassle freeFEATURES:Made from high quality plastic.It comes with 24 holes.Easy to open, hassle free while operating.For organizingendodontic instruments.Package Contents: 1 Pc..


Ceph Tracing Sheets

₹765.00 ₹850.00

Tracing SheetsEstablished in 1993 as a " family business " with humble beginnings, today we are engaged in developing, innovating, sourcing, compiling, distributing and selling premium quality orthodontic products to professionals across India.Our diaspora of clients include, acclaimed hospitals and dental institutes, senior academicians, orthodont..


Composite Syringe Organizer

₹348.00 ₹399.00

Syringe OrganizerComposite organizer to keep composite syringes for use in dental clinicsComposite Syringe Organizer is specially designed for organizing composite syringes. INDICATION - Used for Organizing the composite syringes.Used for keeping other syringes like etchant, flowable composite, pit and fissure sealants. ADV..


Cotisen Wooden Wedges

₹324.00 ₹500.00

Wooden WedgesEco-Friendly wooden wedges, are anatomically shaped for better and safer procedures.It has 6 wedges and those can be trimmed without splintering for a custom fit.And the wedges color coding agent wont discolor the tooth or restoration upon removal.Packaging:100 pcs per packWarranty :100 pcs per pack..


Dental Scaler Tip Holder

₹350.00 ₹450.00

Dental Scaler Tip HolderDESCRIPTIONS :Dental Scaler Tip HolderPACKAGING :1 x Scaler Tip Holder (Scaler Tips will not be provided with this holder)..


Disposable PMT Set

₹55.00 ₹100.00

Disposable PMT SetDescriptions: The Dental kits are pre sterile by EO and ready to use with ABS material quality. The instruments in the kit include the instruments necessary for a routine dental examination of patients, polishing and surgery.Safety and convenience in one kit.-Ready-to-use. Minimize tray set-up time.Hygienic. Single-use; elimi..


Elastomeric Ligature Ties And Rings - Clear

₹450.00 ₹850.00

 Elastomeric Ligature Ties and Rings - ClearImproved module design makes ligating easier. Modules can be pulled off of sticks cleanly without burs or weak spotsFEATURES:Extended elastic memoryImproved stain resistanceHigh force of restorationIdeal ring for holdingPACKAGING:1008 pcs per pack..


Elastomeric Ligature Ties And Rings - Grey

₹300.00 ₹850.00

 Elastomeric Ligature Ties and Rings - Grey Improved module design makes ligating easier. Modules can be pulled off of sticks cleanly without burs or weak spotsFEATURES:Extended elastic memoryImproved stain resistanceHigh force of restorationIdeal ring for holdingPACKAGING:1008 pcs per pack..


Endoflas FS Endodontic Filling Material

₹2,495.00 ₹2,500.00

ENDOFLAS F.S. is an advanced formula, the result of extensive research. Its effectiveness has the support of 30 years of clinical and laboratory studies, and of its successful use in more than 20 countries. ENDOFLAS F.S. is a dental cement used in root canal procedures. It has been manufactured by SANLOR LABORATORIES since ..


Eye Covering Goggle - Anti fogging type

₹245.00 ₹400.00

Eye Covering Goggle - Anti fogging typeFeatures :Protects eyes from air -borne spatters, bacteria and flying debrisReusable, replaceable shields, can be cold sterilized or disinfected with surgical soap and blotted dry with paper tissuesIdeal for use during tooth polishing , scaling and shapingUseful kit for both Dentist and patient'sFits over exis..


Finger Pulse Oximeter With OLED Display

₹1,495.00 ₹2,499.00

Finger Pulse Oximeter With OLED DisplayNON INVASIVENoninvasive blood pressure system provides a continuous, beat-to-beat, blood pressure signal recorded from the fingers of a subject.PORTABLE It can be easily carried or moved, especially because it is of a lighter and smaller version than usual sphygmomanometer.LED SCREENVision is clear.Bright..


Indian Adams Plier

₹160.00 ₹378.00

Orthodontic PlierFine quality Indian make adams plierPackaging:1 pc..


Indian Agate Spatula

₹15.00 ₹54.00

Agate SpatulaStraight spatula, the handle is arabesquitic, easy handling, flat smooth fore-end of the spatula is better for mixing the medicine well.. ...


Indian Amalgam Carrier

₹100.00 ₹150.00

Amalgam carrier Local..


Indian Barrier Film -Blue

₹1,225.00 ₹1,800.00

Disposable,barrier filmFEATURES:Applicable to almost any surface without leaving any residueVery useful for surfaces which cannot be autoclavedUsed on light handles, chair keypads, headrest of chair etcUsed in multiple industriesAvailable in transparent and blue colors.DESCRIPTIONS :Barrier with a low tack adhesive backing with ‘non-stick’ edge tha..


Indian Chip Blower With Nozzle

₹57.00 ₹100.00

Chip Blower With NozzelRUBBER CHIP BLOWER WITH BRASS NOZZLE.A dental instrument typically consisting of a rubber bulb with a long metal tube that is used to blow drilling debris from a cavity being prepared for filling.Packaging:1 pc..

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